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  1. 6.0 Drivetrain problems
    2004 F-350 SRW, auto trans, crew cab, long bed I have a grinding/whirring noise somewhere in the front drivetrain. It sounds like it's right below my feet and it gets louder the faster I go. It's not a heavy clunking or a vibration, it honestly sounds like someone used sand instead of grease on...
  2. 6.0 Drivetrain problems
    So i have the DS out of my 04 CCLB... i am trying to replace a bad u-joint. i have done u-joints in the past but not on this truck so i expected to just be able to pound them out and install the new ones. Well so far all i have gotten is to apply a big beating to the yoke and nothing has moved...
  3. General 6.4L Discussion
    I was browsing PMF's website today and noticed their Adjustable Center Carrier Bearing Drop Bracket. I've been looking at different wasy to get rid of some of the shudder in my truck with the 8" lift. Right now all i've got is it shimmed a bit. Would this help more? Is it good? Anyone actually...
  4. 6.0 Drivetrain problems
    Okay, I am new to this site and looks like you guys have fixed or torn up everything. I have search for this topic and found enough info to be dangerous. I have mine apart, 2005 F350 4x4 SRW, and the parts stores show 2 different models. They show a 1410 and a 1480 model. How would I know...
  5. 6.0 Drivetrain problems
    I still have some driveline vibration after installing my carrier bearing shim kit. Do I add more shims? Or will it be there until I install some ladder/traction bars? Thanks in advance.
1-5 of 5 Results