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  1. General 6.4L Discussion
    I have an SCT Livewire tuner connected, showing the vehicle speed, along with a couple other sensors. When my speedometer is showing 52, the Livewire is showing 47, GPS and police roadside "Your Speed" signs both show 58. I've adjust the Revs per mile, in the Livewire, based on my tire size, but...
  2. 6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    I have a '05 F350 6.0L with 35" tires that were installed at the dealer when the truck was new. The speedo reads correct, but I have an Edge Evolution and the tire size it displays is 2556mm, but my tires are no where close. If I adjust the Evolution to my actual tire size wont it screw what the...
1-2 of 3 Results