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  1. Builds & Projects
    ok so i finally got a sub woofer. i tried installing it and now not only does the sub not work but my radio wont either. i did blow the fuse and replaced it and now it wont work at all the sub is a kicker pt250 with the built in am im not sure what the radio is i know its a dual xm somthing...
  2. What a Powerstroke is for, Towing and Hauling
    2004 6.0L Diesel Excursion. I have been pulling a trailer for 6 years with this excursion. Last week the running light 20a fuse under the dash started blowing when I hook a trailer with either a 4 or 7 pin connection. The brake lights, turn signals work. Today with the trailer hooked I put in...
  3. General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    So winter is coming and I live in a cold area so my high idle is important to me. The story of how this happened: I bought the truck in September 2012 used with the high idle already installed with a knob to adjust rpm. My high idle worked every time I flipped the 4th aux. switch right up until...
  4. General Diesel Discussion
    My 2001 f-350 7.3 will pop #19 fuse in the cab and the truck will only idle. Dash gauges shut down, and I get stuck in the worst places, I pulled the covers on the steering column. nothing rubbed through. Help if you can please. Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results