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  1. 6.0L Problems Forum
    (truck details at bottom) I have an excursion that was running great, AC compressor went out and i replaced everything but the AC lines in that system. after getting it back from recharge i was driving home when i stopped at a red light, when it turned green i had no power and a cloud of black...
  2. General 6.0L Discussion
    My truck was stolen the other night, from my apartments, while I was asleep. How and why are they stealing this truck? I've seen so many stories and I always thought, won't happen to me, but here we are. The first couple days I was a little depressed and hoping it would ease up but today was...
  3. 6.7 Exterior Discussion (2011-2016)
    I've begun the process of "blacking out" my 2012 F-250 Lariat. I've decided that a good place to start (after the rims and rear bumper) is with a black MBRP Filter-back exhaust to remove my stock exhuast tip and resonator. Would this be more expensive or cheaper than taking my stock exhaust to a...
  4. General Diesel Discussion
    my truck is all blacked just little chrome on the harley grille. I feel like since plasti dip has came out it has been a very cheap way to cover chrome ending in a poor finish. Whats all of your opinions?
  5. Exterior Parts
    Need the mirror cover for the passenger side towing style. It needs to be a 99-07 style lighted. Black textured plastic. I broke mine while trying to take it off to put on a new mirror. Will make reasonable offer if you have what I need. :ford:
  6. The Swap Meet
    Have a set of 35" Toyo Open Country All Terrain tires with 18" pro-comp black wheels. looking for a trade or if price is right, purchase of some 37's with preferably 22" rims, 20" is ok if all is well and works out good. PM me for more info. Doing this from work so dont have pics up yet will put...
  7. 99-03 Ford Excursion Forum
    Looking for Black Exterior 7.3 liter Excursion, lifted or not, no pref. Black is preferred. The lower the miles the better, willing to pay top dollar for the right one! Anybody know of any for me?
  8. Trucks
    2000 7.3 139,xxx miles lariat, leather, power everything, runs really strong, absolutely bulletproof truck, lots of extras... pro comp 4 inch lift Brand new 37" mickey thompson atzp3's 20x10 moto metal 951"s manual 6 speed transmission manual transfer case warn manual lock out hubs...
  9. 99-03 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    So i decided to plastidip my grille the other night and love how it looks. So now i am wondering whether i should do my bumpers too. What does everyone think? Here's how it looks now The truck is two tone black and silver with matte black wheels, i plan on doing an 05-07 harley front end and...
  10. 6.4 Exterior Discussion
    Anyone have pictures of painted headlights on a black 6.4? Thinking about biting the bullet and giving it a try. I think it will look sweet on my truck! Can't decide whether to fully paint the bezel or just settle for tinting the amber reflectors and not painting it. Any pictures would be...
  11. Exterior Parts
    I have two sets of handles. One has a black base which both are in excellent condition. The other has a chrome base which are rusted, buy I would imagine some chrome cleaner and polish would take care of. Asking offers. Thanks!
  12. Exterior Parts
    hey im looking for any color grill for my f250 (prefer black), i know i can get it from tasca, but im in college right now and moneys tight... let me know what you got or where i can get a used one.. have the original chrome king ranch if interested..
  13. 6.7 Exterior Discussion (2011-2016)
    Hey guys, I am wanting to change my chrome tow mirrors to black. Its on a 2012 F250 Lariat. I know painting chrome is tricky. I heard it was not a cap but it was a whole piece. Anyone know for sure? Does anyone have tips for painting if it is not a cap?
  14. 6.0L Exterior Discussion
    I did not like my stock chrome rims and could not afford new ones at the time, so I decided to paint them... That's when i discovered Plasti Dip, the best paint product in the world! I'm sure ya'll have heard of it, but if you haven't... it is a rubbery spray paint that is very durable and chip...
  15. Interior Parts
    Go ahead and laugh because everyone is looking and I haven't found a set anywhere (at least that was in reason for the price) I've been looking for 6 months. I either miss them and someone else gets them or the price is insane. Anymore I don't even see listings for them. Here is what I would...
  16. 6.0L Problems Forum
    Has any one painted their 2005 front black stock bumper and the plastic above it? I just got my new one in and am debating on painting it myself or taking it to the local shop. Also..did you use the same paint for the metal and plastic? Did you sand anything down first? Thanks in advanced...
  17. 6.4 Exterior Discussion
    is there any way i can paint my bronze xd hoss black??? thanks
  18. 6.0L Exterior Discussion
    I currently have a 5" chrome banks tip on my truck. I'm really thinking about stepping up to a 7" or 8" most likely black. Can you guys post pics and sizes? I want to gauge the size compared to the truck, I'm just afraid to buy one and it be to ridiculously big. Oh BTW my truck has a 6" lift...
1-18 of 18 Results