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  1. General 6.7 Discussion (2017-2019)
    I recently bought the BDS Dual Steering Stabilizers for my truck, I was wondering if I should remove the stock steering stabilizer or have all three steering stabilizers on the truck?
  2. Parting Out
    After my recent build I have all the original stuff for sale taken off truck at 30k. Hit me with offers and questions include your email if you pm me I am located in CT. Pictures are linked here in my gallery: Pictured Factory intake and filter ~3k Banks ram air intake and filter $150 Factory...
  3. Suspension & Steering
    Hey ,I have a 2011 Ford F350 6.7 PS and I'm wanting to run 22x12 wheels with a -40 offset and 5" backspacing with 35x12.50 tires . I'm looking to run this setup with the least lift i can , eventually ill do a 6 inch lift but for now i'm looking at a leveling kit or maybe at most a 4 inch lift if...
  4. Suspension & Steering
    Hey guys i am brand new to the forum so I have a few questions... I am looking into lifting (possibly) my new truck. Its a 2013 F-350 Platinum SRW, 4x4,3.55 locker, short bed. I would like to know the best lift kits as far as warranty goes and durability. Now i would also need a kit that can tow...
  5. Suspension & Steering
    First off. . . Just bought my first truck. It's an 01 7.3 cclb and I'm on cloud 9. Proud to be a official member. Here's my problem. My truck has a 6" bds lift all around but the rear is 4.5" higher from top of the tire to the bottom of the wheel well and 6" higher from the ground to the...
1-5 of 5 Results