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  1. Ford Gassers
    I have the v10 in my 2016 Motorhome and the battery (almost 3 years old) began slowly dropping in voltage over the last two weeks. Yesterday it wouldn’t crank and showed (<5V). Then today, it cranked right up. My Blue Driver OBD scan showed code B1352 Ignition Key in Circuit Fault. Can this...
  2. 6.0 Repair Help
    E04 X. 250k. Stock turbo (new VGT solenoid), updated turbo oil supply & drain, OEM injectors (2k miles), BPD water pump, SD EGR delete, 7.3 bpd fan mod, cold air intake, FS by pass oil filtration, SD coolant filtration, Banks 6 Gun w Dash IQ and monster exhaust. short story: wife’s ride until...
1-2 of 2 Results