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  1. 6.0 Motor problems
    What can cause a degas bottle to puke? The obvious answer, I believe, is a blown head gasket, so let me tell you more about why I’m asking. 3 years ago, with a stock '04 6.0L, I decided to buy an SCT livewire and some tunes from MPT. I filled out MPT's info form for the tunes, and in doing so...
  2. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    Brand New ARP Headstuds for Ford Powerstroke F250, F350, F450 and F550 6.0L diesel. Part # 250-4202. SOLD!
  3. 6.4L Performance Parts Discussion
    Thinking about adding a couple things to my truck. This is what I have in mind -Tow power plus 72.4mm(Low Pressure) -Airdog II -ARP Studs -Elite Tranny -6.0 exhaust manifold Wondering what kind of numbers it will put down and 1/4 estimate it'll run, with 35s and bumper replacement?? Also if...
  4. Suspension Parts
    Looking to buy arp headstuds for my early 04 f250 6.0 and some 18mm gaskets, text me at 2762372094 if you have any
  5. Builds & Projects
    well im starting to have those dreaded 6.ohno problems. Right now I have an oil cooler that needs to go in and just ordered an EGR delete (ebay no name) and a coolant filter setup from PMM from TB on ebay. im gone for the next week so this isn't going to happen soon. but figured i'd get started...
  6. Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    Used sct livewire tuner with 3 unlocks left with brand new egt probe and window mount 420 shipped obo ARP headstuds for 6.0 Installed and torqued then removed for H11 studs. No heat cycles 275 shipped obo Jimmy 4098824382 text anytime.
  7. 6.0L Problems Forum
    I have a 2006 6.0L with 183K on the clock. I bought it with 180K and have already had the typical massive head / gasket / fuel in coolant failure that we all have nightmares about. I have a truck at a local diesel mechanic's shop right now (so I can't go look at it myself) and I'm trying to...
  8. 6.0 Motor problems
    So I used the block chek today to determine if my head gaskets were blown.... Lucky me, it appears they are! :doh: Only 80K on the ol gal. I called a local powerstroke shop who informed me I would most likely need new heads since 90% of the ones they have seen are cracked, they can't mill them...
  9. General Diesel Discussion
    Ok i have a early 2003 6.0, its drinking about a 1/4 of a inch of coolant when i drive about 250 miles. a few weeks ago i had to replace the radiator. i was driving down the road the next thing i see is steam comming from under the hood, so i pull over and coolant is every where. so i replace...
  10. 6.0 Motor problems
    I just recently had my 06 6.0 torn down to have the oil cooler changed, EGR delete, ARPs, Black Onyx Head Gaskets, Coolant Filter, CCV Mod, 6.4 banjos, blue spring and a few other minor preventative maintenance items installed. Once it got put back together it starts to smoke (very Grey/Blue)...
  11. General 6.0L Discussion
    My first post! An exciting day. Cutting to the chase... Truck is an 2005 F350 King Ranch dually. Truck is set up to tow, being equipped with the Tow Boss package and all the associated options, and in use, towing and plowing are its primary functions. So, the issues...
  12. Diesel Diagnostics
    Is there anyway to tell if you have ARP (or another manufacturer) or stock studs installed. I bought my truck used a few weeks ago and having been trying to figure what mods the previous owners have done to the truck.
  13. 6.0 Motor problems
    Ok so i know what most will say.... but hear me out. So I'm getting that high hiss sound from the degaus bottle letting off pressure but not spewing any coolant.... I have also lost a very small portion of coolant but refilled it and just drove 7 hours and the level was holding when i arrived...
1-13 of 13 Results