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  1. SOLD= HO 275amp alternator= SOLD

    Performance & Drivetrain Parts
    Selling a Mike Singer HO alternater from my 7.3: Mike Singer HD unit High Output Large case 6G alternator 275 peak / 190 idle. -Has a 6-phase hairpin stator -High pole count rotor -HD HUGE twin rectifiers - -High 14.4V set point / 14.7.v - 14.9v recorded at idle as of 12-2-2017. -4 prong to 3...
  2. Sub/ Uplifter switch/ rheostat

    General 6.7 Discussion (2011-2016)
    I am looking to upgrade the bass in my 2013 F250 crew cab lariat. I'm hoping i will be able to do it myself. I am looking to just replace the factory sub with something else. I don't need new speakers, i am fine with the factory Sonny ones. I would like to hook the sub up to an uplifter switch...
  3. In need of 09 Audiophile wiring diagram please

    6.4 Electronics Discussion
    I'm going to be installing my stereo equipment in my 09 King Ranch F250 with the factory Nav unit. I need to know where the amp is for the highs and the color code/wiring diagram for it. I'm pretty sure the amp for the sub is on the enclosure, but I'd like to have the diagram for it as well...
  4. Newest addition, AMP STEPS!

    99-03 7.3L Exterior Discussion
    Picked up a set of Amp Research electirc running boards for the truck over the weekend. Paid a VERY reasonable price for them, from an org member too! New these things are like what...........$1100? Picked them up last night, ordered a wiring harness earlier today and picked up some nuts and...
  5. 08 sound system upgrade?

    6.4 Electronics Discussion
    i am looking to upgrade the sound system in my 08 crew cab, but i DEFINATELY want to stick with the stock head unit. i found an adapter online somewhere to let me put a sub and amp on the stock headunit. i was looking at infinity kappa speakers. can i just swap these out? or do the speakers...