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  1. F-250 Air Bags

    99-03 7.3L General Discussion
    Just recently installed some new Airlift 5000 Towing bags on my E99 F-250. I don't think I will ever reach that much tongue weight one my truck so I figured these would be enough for what I do with it. They were fairly easy to install hardest part was drilling the holes which I am a noob with...
  2. Hellwig 2600lb Air Bag Liquidation Sale!

    Group Buys
    Hi everyone! We would like to announce that Hellwig will be hosting a Summer Liquidation Sale for select 2600 lb. Air Bag Systems. These bolt-on kits help level your truck, and improve handling/control while towing or hauling. Thanks to the large 2600 lb. capacity you can run less pressure than...
  3. Any answers for a softer ride?

    Suspension & Steering
    With my 2013 6.7, I do a lot of towing both gooseneck and bumper pull. I've installed airbags in the rear and a front leveling kit with add-a-leafs in the rear. I'm stilling running the stock Rancho shocks. I have increased my tire size to ~35" BFG A/T tires. The truck seems to ride like a box...
  4. Kelderman front air suspension 99-04

    Suspension Parts
    Used less than 10,000 miles. Sold truck. Will fit 99-04 leaf spring F250/350 trucks. Includes upgraded Bilstein shocks. $600. (Thats half price from new). I travel between San Jose and Sacramento, CA. Otherwise, add shipping from 95762 This is the kit...
  5. Anyone uses air bags from this company?

    General 6.0L Discussion
    Conti,airlift,ridetech,towing kits I'm looking at all options from building my own air bag suspension to purchasing a complete kit. This is the lowest full kit I have found so far for all 4 corners. If you've used parts from this company, how did it go. -Rodger
  6. Lift or no lift ?

    Suspension & Steering
    Hey guys i am brand new to the forum so I have a few questions... I am looking into lifting (possibly) my new truck. Its a 2013 F-350 Platinum SRW, 4x4,3.55 locker, short bed. I would like to know the best lift kits as far as warranty goes and durability. Now i would also need a kit that can tow...
  7. Firestone Airbag Install

    General 6.4L Discussion
    I reciently purchased a used set of firestone airbags and compressor. I am also purchasing a tank with 5 ports and probably some train horns. I am thinking about mounting the compressor and tank along my frame or on the underside of the bed. Any tips as to where/how to mount them? Any tips...
  8. Users with air bag setups - your wisdom?

    Suspension & Steering
    I'm leaning heavily toward the airbag systems for full air ride. I'll say that this is probably stage 2 or 3(of 5 or 6) which 5 or 6 will be the purchase and DIY install time period :>) Now before folks chime in on the ~<$300 add firestone extras relax, I'm looking at the ~$2-3K for all four...