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  1. 6.9L IDI Diesels
    Hey Ya'll, Its been a LONG while since i have posted anything here. Glad to see my account is still active!:) So recently i bought a new to me, 1985 :ford: F250 2x4 with a 6.9L Diesel. Talk about a new project! :) I am having a few problems with it. Any input, feedback, or suggestions would...
  2. 6.9L IDI Diesels
    Hey everyone I hope someone can help me out. I have an 87 4x4 f250 with the fuel injected 6.9L diesel with the 4 speed granny low. I need to know where I could find a replacment or if there is anyway to put a five speed out of a newer truck?? Hopefully I can find something that won't cost me an...
1-2 of 2 Results