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  1. 6.7 Maintenance Info (2017-2019)
    Proud new owner of a 2017 6.7 Powerstroke and looking for guidance on necessary regular maintenance other than Oil Changes and lubes. Don't be afraid to give me the basics as this is the first diesel I have owned. Purchased my truck about 3 weeks ago and just took her on a Cross Country trip...
  2. 6.7 Problems Forum (2011-2016)
    One of the trucks in my family is the 6.7 and it hasnt had any upgrades other than a light bar, no egr delete or chip. but the engine cant even drive around the block without stalling out. the fuel has additive and #2 running in it as well as having low fuel pressure coming up on the little lcd...
  3. 6.7 Problems Forum (2011-2016)
    Bought this 2011 4-door loaded Lariat with a 6.7 Diesel engine that was highly touted as the best diesel truck ever. I service the truck religiously and baby it. Never been in the mud, never abused. Driving to an appointment yesterday and the truck started knocking then violently shaking from...
21-23 of 23 Results