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  1. Suspension Parts
    I purchased this lift used with 10K on it, but ended getting a 4" so this is just sitting around taking up space. It's in excellent condition and comes with everything except shocks. Radius arms, drop pit,an arm, rear blocks, hardware included, etc... I don't have a means to ship it at my...
  2. Trucks
    Well I no longer have a need for this big of a truck so I'm wanting to sell it to someone who's gonna be able to use it more than I will. Its a 2006 f250 6.0 Sport package 4x4 sitting on 20" helo wheels and 37" toyo open country a/ts with a 6" suspension lift. Its a white Crew Cab, Black leather...
  3. Suspension Parts
    I have a e99, but doesn't matter, I'll take e99 or 99-04 lift if the price is right, I can buy the correct u-bolts and pitman arm elsewhere. Please let me know, if you're wanting to switch back to stock, we can work something out there as well. If shipping is an issue, let me know I can either...
  4. 6.0L Exterior Discussion
    Is anyone out there running a 6" lift or maybe even a 4" with 20" wheels and 35s?? I'm thinking about down sizing my tires from 38s to 35s just wondering how it would look and how the ride is. Just let me know and pics would be awesome as well! :thumb:
1-4 of 4 Results