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  1. Trucks
    2007 FX4 regular cab 5.4l f150 Exterior: Paint code UA(Black) Tinted windows Factory nerf tubes Plastidipped 18" fx4 wheels 2.5" level kit on front suspension Saleen grill (also have stock H-bar if preferred) Custom painted Harley style headlights HID fog lights Stock fender flares painted...
  2. Trucks
    Look guys, I know it's not a Powerstroke, but I'm making room for one by selling this one off. It was my father's, I traded him my 2004 F350 Crew Cab 5.4L for it in order to help him sell it, and I've bought a Powerstroke now. 1999 F-250 Light Duty (F-150 with the 7700 package) Super Cab 4x4...
1-2 of 2 Results