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22.5 wheels

  1. Want 22.5s. I have brand new 37x13.5x18 toyo mts on 18" black Xd monsters.

    The Swap Meet
    Okay not sure if anyone is interested but I have a brand new set of toyo Mt 37x13.50s just bought yesterday for 1,980 on a set of almost new 18" XD monsters.. I'd like to get a set of 22.5s and adapters.. And if you have a Dually and want to swap I have a 05' f350 SRW with 3.73s and I also have...
  2. American force 10 lug adapters

    Suspension Parts
    I've got a set of adapters for 99-04 f450. It shares the bolt pattern with the 05+ f350. $450 + shipping. If you buy these new they cost around 850. I just need to get them out of my sight. My loss your gain