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  1. 6.0L Performance Parts Discussion
    I'm going to start buying all the parts I need to bulletproof my 2007 6.0. I will be doing the entire install myself and with the help of my brother. I've created a list that I think includes everything I will need for the project. There is a few parts that I'm uncertain which I should go...
  2. Builds & Projects
    Ok guys need help I just had my trans rebuilt... Went with a triple disc converter by dayco and high performance clutches, up graded sprag, new balance body, new pump, new fimble switch, and new solenoids in ca valve body plus a lot of other upgrades basically the unit is been completely went...
  3. 911 Urgent Situations
    Bought this 07 F250 with 158,xxx stock, knowing it was leakin oil but thought it was the front plate. Drove over 2 hours to a dealership, paid 1250 bucks for them to replace some gaskets and belts and it still is leaking the same amount as before. It's my first diesel so I've been looking it up...
  4. General
    For sale: 2007 Ford F350 4x4 Xlt 94km, 6.0 Power Stroke Diesel Supercab long box. Deep red. Topper painted to match. Air Tilt cruise PW PL 18" Alcoas newer tires - Hankook AT good tread left Only towed a 5th wheel once and a small pull style twice NEVER been programmed or chipped - Priceless -...
    I am looking for a JL Stealthbox for the center console with captains chairs. This is for a 2007 crew cab. It can be with or without the sub. Please let me know if you have one available. Thanks.
  6. General 6.0L Discussion
    Hi everyone, new guy here. Been lurking for a few weeks and finally signed up the other day, this place is a wealth of information and seems like a very friendly place compared to some other forums. Anyway, on to my question. I found a 2007 F350 reg. cab, duallie at the local dealership...
  7. Exterior Parts
    Looking for a pair of ’03-’07 power telescopic towing mirrors with signal. $150 shipped to 66713. PM me or email dustinott88 at if you have a set for sell. Thanks
  8. 6.0 Motor problems
    My 07 f250 has been having some difficulty starting lately. I let the plugs warm up for about 30 seconds then turn the key and it turns and turns and turns then finally it turns over and runs as if it was freezing cold outside and then it warms up and runs fine. then today when i was out running...
1-8 of 8 Results