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2006 f-350

  1. 06 6.0 white smoke after 3/4-full throttle pull

    6.0L Problems Forum
    Hey y'all, I have a 2006 6.0 f350 that starts billowing white smoke after a 3/4-full throttle pull on the street, any idea what it may be?
  2. 2006 F350 Super Duty Amarillo Edition Parts

    So parts for sale .... Nice Amarillo Center Console I'll sell the dash bezel but has a crack and is repairable. The Front and Rear bumpers Hood Front clean fenders The Box is for sale too
  3. FS: Black 2006 F350 CCLB SRW Lariat FX4 Lifted - $18,500 - 121kmi - Houston TX

    Making a new post to consolidate all the info added from the last one. Also, significant price drop. Need to sell this fast to fix the foundation on my home. FS: Black 2006 F350 CCLB SRW Lariat FX4 Lifted - $18,500 - 121kmi Northwest Houston, Texas Area Willing to deliver within a few hours for...
  4. towing limp mode

    6.0 Trannie problems
    last weekend was pulling a 7000 lbs boat down the highway and at 55mph it wouldnt accelerate anymore. wrench light came on so i pulled over and shut it off. underneath there was a small amount of tranny fluid on the ground. waited 15 minutes started back up and pulled it home under 55. any ideas...