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CCSB Lariat F250
Factory Chrome
I have a 2006 Lariat F250 w/ Ford Chrome package that I bought in 2014 with 41,000 miles on it.
Today it has 80,000 miles on it and runs nothing like it did when stock.
Engine was rebuilt and upgraded by NOR CAL Automotive at 41,600 miles.
Cylinder Heads had a full valve job
Heads resurfaced with SS O-Rings
ARP Fasteners
All Ford updated parts
BPD Billet Water Pump
(KC Turbo Stage I)
3” aluminum CAC pipes and intake horn.
SCT X4 Tuned & FICM Hercules tune
4" SS exhaust system W/ SS Donaldson Resonator @ Cat location &
SS Diamond Eye Hush Muffler topped off with a welded on 7” diameter Chrome tip 22” long
BPD EGR Cooler w/upgraded special sauce
IPR Full Flow Coolant Filter w/ Oil Cooler Manifold
CAT EC-1 ELC Coolant installed.
Truck answers to “Spanky”
2006 Ford CCSB Lariat F250 (White)


The Infamous 6.0
ARP 625 Stud Fasteners
Cylinder Heads O-Ringed
KC Turbo Stage I w/.72ar Compressor hsg & 10 Vane Turbine
SCT X4 w/ PHP Custom 65HP Tow Tune
PHP FICM Tuner Hercules 100HP
Up Pipes are both open free flowing & wrapped with black 2” DEI Titanium Heat Insulation 4 layers deep along with the 4” Diamond Eye DP. Done for noise reduction.
4" SS exhaust from down-pipe to a SS Donaldson Resonator along with a SS Diamond Eye Muffler
FASS 125 GPH fuel pump with 75 psi output pressure spring installed 5/8" supply out of tank to fuel pump.
Ran 1/2” steel line from pump to upper filter housing.
Accurate-Diesel adjustable fuel pressure regulator body installed with the pressure set to 65psi @ injectors w/6.4 Banjo's
Trucks HP is around 475+ HP & 950+ ft lbs torque allegedly.
DC Power 270 XP with full 2/0 cable upgrade to Sears Die Hard Platinum 950 CCA Batteries
MotorCraft 6.4 Starter
Mishimoto 3” CAC Pipes to upgraded larger Intercooler and a pretty intake elbow.
IPR coolant filter with manifold
Special EGR Cooler Performance Based Model
1” sound deadener with 1/8” MLV Aluminum faced on entire firewall for reducing in cab engine & turbo noise.
Approx 500-550lbs. of sound deadening materials in the truck with 400 sf GT-Mat and 100+ sf Dyna-Mat with either Dyna-Liner or 1" polyurethane foam rubber w/ MLV "Mass Loaded Vinyl" on top of CLD
1/2" of Jude sound proofing was used under all of the carpet as well
Stock Interiors Extreme Plush Carpet Kit also with the MLV 1/8" backing on it in the color is a light Gray

All 4 doors have been sound deadened inside with 1" poly foam rubber deadener over two layers of 115mil GT Mat on outer door skins.
Along with two layers of Dyna-Mat on the inside door skin as well as Dyna-Liner Over the top of that.
The door panels have 1” foam rubber on backside of all four doors for added measure.
Soundproofing is also above head liner also 2 layers Dyna-Mat w/Dyna-Liner on top.
The entire firewall is covered w/ 1/8” aluminized MLV over 1” Fiberglass insulation.
1" poly foam rubber on transmission tunnel plus two layers CLD on sheet metal floor of entire cab. Then again with 1/2" Closed Cell Foam Rubber w/ MLV and aluminum skinned facing under the cab itself.
The sound deadening was a game after a point and I went too far with it for sure. I don't recommend putting well over 500lbs of it in anything :)
I'm still fine tuning things today with CCF and MLV under the cab for improving on the sound control for the 2003 10 Vane turbo design.

dB meter was 76 dB at 70 MPH with stock interior
dB meter has 62 dB at 70 MPH after installing sound proofing

There is no engine noise in the cab since the sound deadening was installed with the exception of WOT inputs and tire spinning horseplay.
All and all with things combined the trucks improved interior sound levels and suspension upgrades it’s a entirely different experience for a old gray mayor.
Traveling at 75 mph really is a silent and smooth experience.
I occasionally have had people riding in the truck that think it’s a gas engine because you cannot hear any engine noise inside the truck. Damn Softheads.
Two sets of Klien train horns 230 and 730, powered by two VIAIR 446 compressors into 17 gallons of air by the use of two 8-1/2 gallon tanks. Both units use large air intake filters for the compressors to ensure clean dry air & long compressor life.
Tru-Flate quick connects are at each tire so if there is any tire problems they can be plugged with on board commercial tire plug/repair kit and then aired back up with a 6’ coil hose in glove box wherever needed.
38" spare tire is not a option, this was next best thing w/ benefits.
All piping is Sch 40 1/2" brass piping through entire trucks air system.
Compressors use dual contactors for 4ga. power supplies. Asco full port brass body domestic 1/2” solenoid valves used for each set of train horns independently.
The train horn levels are @158 dB @30' in the Demon 730 set & 154dB on 230 set. Whats the dB level together: it’s exactly brutal dB’s.

Upgraded Anzo Headlight assemblies w/OPT7 Boltzen AC CANbus 5000K HID Projector Lighting Hi/Lo & w/ Halo Rings
AMP Power steps
LED Powered Lights everywhere
2013 Tailgate
Custom White rear bumper
Alpine INE-Z928HD 8” Nav DVD
HELIX Pro Processor w/ Director
(2) McIntosh MC-431 for midrange in all doors
(2) McIntosh MC-427 for tweeters in all doors
(1) McIntosh MCC-444 for two 10" subwoofers
(1) McIntosh MCC-222 for one 12" subwoofer

(2) sets of Dynaudio System 242 7" & 8" components
8” Midranges & Tweeters in front doors.
7” Midranges & Tweeters in rear doors

Yes REAR DOORS. Was more work then you would imagine since the door lock linkages & bellcranks are exactly where woofers need to go. Power Window parts also must be moved around for things to fit. Then I had to extend the woofer 11/16” off door panels to clear magnets of window going by when rolled down.
Ford really pooched the dog here there’s no denying it. I’d love to put my boot in the A S S of the engineer that approved rear pillar speakers in 99-2007 F250’s
(2) JL Audio 10TW3-D4 subwoofers
(1) JL Audio 12TW3-D4 subwoofer

Stereo output of 2,400 watts @4 ohms with 0.005 THD @ 115dB S/N Ratio
System has digital sound processor using 11 active channels
Helix Director is being used to fine tune sound through the DSP Pro at the center console.
Icon 7" Progressive Rate Coil Springs
Fabtech radius arms w/adjustable caster discs
Pure Performance HD Track Bar
Carli/Deaver Full Rear Leaf Spring-Pack upgraded with the longer 2008 & newer: 4-1/2" lift w/o OEM blocks mounted to-
Custom Machined blocks w/1" spring-pin offset to recenter rear axle @ 1-1/2" height & 6* degrees angle for driveline correction. Brought rear end up to match the 7” Icon lift springs up front.
Fabtech Dirt Logic 2.0 steering stabilizers
Rancho 9000XL on all corners
Frame has additional steel cross-member along with 3" channel with 1/2" plate steel for bracing backside of radius arm hangers and again back to another 3" channel inside the transmission cross-member. From the transmission cross-member its braced with 1" solid steel square stock at 45* angles back to the lower frame rails for added rigidity.
There is also a additional 4" channel cross-member behind the output shaft connected to the lower & upper frame rails. I added some 1" solid square stock thats used for additional stiffening and a mounting location for both air compressors.

The bracing improved handling of the truck in turns by firming up the frame in the front rails a bit like a truss which creates a bit more rigid frame.
The end result is a very solid chassis feel and truck tracks straight and doesn’t hunt around from flexing through high & low parts of road. Suspension takes on the road compression’s not the frame. Truck feels solid and more predictable to drive. But this added another 200+ lbs of steel to the truck.
Last time I had it on the scale truck was 8,860 lbs (picture of pig on scale) Not sure what it is today but she ain’t loosing weight instead still gaining more weight since a few more mods. It’s not in the bed at night so it makes no difference either way.
Wheel and Tire
Pro Comp Extreme Custom 1028 Series Raw Aluminum 18X10 wheels w/5" backspace & 0-Offset
Toyo M/T Radials in 38/15.50/18



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