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First I Looked at an obs Zf5 in southern Colorado, wasn't the truck for me at all. Disappointed, I was at a buddy's house and I just said "you know what i wish i could find? A metallic gray F350 newbody Crewcab Long Bed 7.3 ZF6 with singles" He told me to just find one, aggravated i explained how hard it is to find a crewcab long bed manual, nonetheless in the color and model I want. Ignorant as he is he just says "go on craigslist I bet you find one", behold when I do, I put in all my search filters in a small craigslist like Wyoming's, and behold the first one is this truck in a extremely small town in Montana 7 hours away, me and my buddy didn't have work for the next two days, so I call this guy at almost midnight and I guess I woke him old fella, but he says that any time the next worked so at 7 in the morning I go and pull 10 grand from my bank just to be safe, and we go up to Montana, when we get there he just tosses me the keys and says "go for a ride" this being the second vehicle I've ever driven, it was an embarrassing situation stalled it like 10 times before I even got off his lot, so after a little of me driving, my buddy drove, he hates powerstoke mind you(not as much as duramaxes, lol), and he was saying it was one of the most badass feeling trucks he's driven, no leaks, service records, only 281k, and a nice old guy, it was what I considered a perfect truck, and for 6 grand i considered it a steal, I had to perfect driving manual... So far ive put over 14k on this truck and she hasn't had one hick up.
2003 Ford F350 (Grey)



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