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Bought the truck May 2017 with 201,000 miles (25,000 on new transmission) from someone who was meticulous with his fluid and filter changes and seemed to be doing everything he could to make it last a long time. Was told in 2015 the HPOP, FICM (tested and showing 58v), OEM EGR and 3 injectors. The PO had more issues shortly after and wasn't happy with the shop so took it to another shop August 2016. They replaced all 8 injectors, cleaned he turbo and claimed to have found a nut or bolt floating around under the passenger side valve cover from previous mechanic. The head was pulled and redone. Somewhere in there the ICP and glow plug module was replaced.

Truck seemed to run great that first week until one night was bringing the family home from a BBQ and started losing power then within 15 seconds it died. The WIF light came on so I drained, didn't notice any water but it was dark so might have been some... anyway tried to start the truck and no luck. Waited for 20 minutes then tried again and it started but was rough, seemed like it was going to smooth out but only made it 1/2 mile before dying again. Had to get it towed.

After spending a couple days of reading online, waiting for bluetooth OBDii adapter to arrive, changing fuel filters etc, I knew it had to be fuel related and finally got the adapters to tested for pressure and found only 15psi! Ends up the PO did the blue spring mod after he got the truck back and didn't put the plastic bushing in where the brass valve goes. Got that fixed and drove it 2,000 miles this summer until my way back from a 600 mile round trip to get a skid loader, it started losing power. My scanner said it was injector 4 and also had a fan clutch code. Got it back home and a week later drove it (power was back to normal) shop told me it was getting (needs oil cooler) hot under load and that's probably what caused the injector to quit on my trip.

... anyway (8/16/17), I'm trying to decide how far I want to go with bulletproofing and performance upgrades.
2003 Ford Excursion (Mineral Grey)


front bumper (came with truck)

picked up a little hail damage July 2017
X/C or V/B soon!



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