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Purchased used, female school teacher who probably did not get over 50 miles an hour. Was never used for towing, needed some updates but the ones that should be done to make a 6.0 bullet proof and run like its supposed to. Lots of custom work I have done all by myself after I had in mechanic shop to do repairs I didn't want to mess with. I didn't know anything about mechanics, anything about Diesel engines but have become very good with diagnosis and repair utilizing my ADD and bipolar meds compliments of two deployments and the help of the VA.
2005 Ford Excursion (Beige)


stage 1 sinister diesel powermax turbo
owdawg stage 3 ported intake
BD Diesel Performance ceramic headers,
heads machined and new head bolt studs
Everything sinister diesel blue under the hood; FICM 54v bulletproof diesel, BPD water pump upgrade, alternator sinister diesel, cold air intake S & P cleanable filter. New replaced wiring harness to replace old and faulty original, fan shroud stainless, PSP diesel machined valve cover gaskets, trim dressed up. Turbo blanket, BD Diesel performance y-pipe ceramic, straight piped exhaust 4" Diamond Eye, no catalytic converter and muffler for race purposes.
Not much replaced other than weather tech front to back, matching Limited package for this vehicle. American Sniper tactical seat covers, gun safe in center console between captains chairs.
New updated mirrors, heated with turn signals, extendable for towing. All exterior molding and trim was beige when I bought. Now after doing a lot of work its trimmed out in black; running boards, fender flares (bushwacker)
Kept stock limited system and bought transit blue from Best Buy. Its a system that utilizes blue tooth technology for hand free phone call (incoming and outgoing) keeps my vehicle looking stock so not as prone to break in but sounds as good if not better if I had a stereo shop change out.
Completed rebuilt and upgraded front and rear suspension. Lift package and changes made


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