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White for Now
My dad bought the car before I was born and refurbished it (beefed it up a bit too). I rode home from the hospital in this car when I was born, so it has a little bit of sentimental value. First it was supposed to be my graduation present from high school, then my 21st bday present. Finally when I graduated college, Dad handed over the title and the keys. The car was in much worse shape than when he did it (family issues that led to it sitting outside for decades), so now it's my turn to rebuild it.
1966 Dodge Monaco (White for Now)


When Dad did it, he took a 383, and punched it out to a 411. He massaged it and did some other engine work that made it a screamer for its day. Now, I've got a 440 block that I'll be punching 0.060" over, and stroking to make it a 543. I'm pondering on a little giggle gas but the motor is a long ways down the line.
The suspension is finally complete on the car.The car sits on bags on all 4 corners with Bilstein Monotubes on all 4 corners. The bags have yet to be hooked up to an air management system though. The rear is a custom designed and built (by me) triangulated 4-link, with RuffStuff 1-1/4" heim joints and Ruffstuff tabs. I had to plate the rear part of the unibody so that I had something to weld to. The rear axle is a Ford 8.8 out of a '98 explorer with 3.73's and LSD. I restacked the LSD packs so it'll grab hard when it does. The front is a conglomeration of stock and Crown Vic components. The Lower control arms, knuckles, brakes, and rack and pinion all came out of an '03 Interceptor. The upper CA's are stock, but have been modified to meet the CV components. The front sway bar and sway bar arms are custom fabbed by some friends of mine out in California.
Wheel and Tire
The wheel are a modernized 20" - 5 spoke design with gunmetal powdercoat and a machined outer lip. These pretty shoes are wrapped in a BFGoodrich G-Force 2 GT tire.



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