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      For the record. I am NOT in the senior category here... 🤣

      Let me make this easy for you:

      1. Click on this link and order the IPR to your home.

      2. Click on this link and see if there is a BPD installer close to you.

      3. Call the above BDP installer shop or a local diesel repair shop that is familiar with the 6.0 and have them quote you a price to R&R the IPR (tell them you have the OEM part in hand). Ask them if they would do a quick once over while they're in there to make sure there is no exposed, frayed, or damaged wires of the IPR pigtail connector.

      4. If you don't like their quote, click this link to learn how to R&R the IPR yourself. It's not too difficult, but there is some stretching, bending, lifting, and twisting involved.

      5. If you end up DIY, this is the special socket you eill need for removal of the old part & reinstallation of the new one. You won't need the seal kit that comes with the socket, as all the orings should come with the new OEM IPR.

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      A lot depends on where you live. We can point you to some good prices on line, but sometimes shipping is unreasonable.

      We like Auto Nation White Bear Lake (or Tasca).

      Part number: 5C3Z-9C968-CA

      Sometimes, can get you the same price and delivery is free if you select to pick it up at a local dealership. From what I see on the IPR, it is too high through them ($275).

      Rock Auto is $153, and I know they are popular, but for some reason I struggle with decisions on buying their stuff. Can't explain why, but I would rather spend extra at an on line dealership - at least on electronics. That said, $50 is a nice sum to save.
      Extreme Diesel is another common choice, but they are a bit higher than ANWBL.
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