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      interiior door handles.
      pass side is busted up pretty bad in the door and the drivers wont be far behind.
      biggest problem is everything is stiff from not being used.
      finally getting the injectors cleaned out thing runs great now!
      going to like 30+mpg thats for sure. been daily ing my truck for so long i forget what its like to go to town for under 20 bucks.

      if you are selling an ex especially as nice as yours...
      you are going to have some serious sellers remorse.

      Is this what you need? Although, it's a dorman.

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      Is this what you need? Although, it's a dorman.

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      close but the carolla equivelant for geo was the prism.
      storm is closer to an isuzu impulse with a 90's camero front end.
      fun little car but not a lot of parts available for a 30 year old "disposable" car.
      so far i am not finding the door handles or the trim piece that goes along the door and trims the headliner.
      door parts i may just open it up and have a guy i know with a plasma cutter fab me some metal parts and rebuild it that way. we shall see...
      trim piece i haven't found yet but i haven't had that much time to look either.
      little things popping up from it sitting for so long it has those auto lift headlight shades and the motor wasnt working when our son picked it up after using the lights a few time and spraying a bit of pb blaster in to the works it works fine...
      it just needs attention paid to it. original owner did all the maintenance etc but let it sit too much. so today it goes to reno to log some miles :D

      I also need to find a set of decent summer tires for the truck so i can pull the studs off by next month.
      I have the old mud terrains that i might just toss on and go with but i am still trying to decide if a new set would fit the budget enough to justify it.

      2011 was the year with radiator issues and turbo's if I'm not mistaken.

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      you are correct.
      our son has one and is already on his second turbo
      KC makes a replacement kit but he got such a good deal on a reman turbo he went with that.
      he is looing at upgrading to a 2020+ in the next couple months from a dealership offering lifetime drive train warranty.
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