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      I haven't been on at all, guys. While my new job is great fun, it's been killing me timewise.

      Saw this sale on the Gorilla folding platform. I was happy to get it on sale earlier for twice this.
      i hear ya on the time thing i dont have time to be here...
      but my back is killing me so i am taking a bereak damn it :look:
      and those gorilla platforms are amazing i got two a couple years ago at 20 each and keep one in the back of the truck at all times. even works as a bench for down by the creek with the wife and dog :thumb:

      Good point. I'm just fed up with how little slack you get from the stater to negative terminal. I also want to upgrade to military or audiophile battery terminals, the stock ones are crap... Still searching for a nice replacement terminal.

      Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
      i did mine except the starter for like 80 buccks i think off fleabay.
      been very happy with the results :nod:

      I currently have these: Check this out: Ampper Military Spec Battery Terminal End, Top Post Battery Termi...
      But, I'm not exactly a fan of them, they tend to mess up fairly easily.

      Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
      those are decent used to get them at pep boys for like 3 bucks a set
      there are some on ebay i dont have time to track a link to but with more than stock wires they have nice multi port terminals they are 50 bucks but with two sets of wires the winch lights etc its kinda a nice way to go

      so.. in other news
      couldnt quite get the floor jack under the caddy so i used the stock jack to swap over to winter wheel...
      BIG MISTAKE! at least i wasnt under it but suddenly the car starts to sli forward and the jack just separated so now i have to dig a holle in the driveway to fit the floor jack under it and get it jaced up...
      thankk GOD it didnt screw up the rotor or land on me or anything but i dropped the wifes car :eek:
      got it picked up cleaned up and wheels swapped and it seems to be ok but DAMN.

      ok not even trying to get to the current posts as i gotta go back to it
      racing against this :eek:hnoes:
      and i am STILL not ready for winter not that it cares :look:

      Tuesday Nov 26
      Snow Day: Windy with snow. Highs around 34°F. Wind chill values as low as 4°F. Windy, with a east northeast wind 6 to 21 MPH, gusting to 31 MPH. Chance of precipitation 90 percent. New snow accumulation of around 4 inches possible.

      Snow Night: Windy with snow. Lows around 20°F. Wind chill values as low as 4°F. Windy, with a south southwest wind 21 to 26 MPH, gusting to 40 MPH. Chance of precipitation 90 percent. New snow accumulation of around 21 inches possible.
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