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Mpriore5926 07-20-2019 05:20 PM

Need help residing on tires
If anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated, so Iím looking to buy a set of wheels and tires from my friend and I was just wondering if 3 inch spacers would make them fit with no rub, I have a 2001 f250 XLT and itís stock height but anyway the wheels and tires Iím looking to but are 33x20x14 and i know 33x12.50 will fit with no rub but Iím just worried bc there so wide so I was wondering if I got 3 inch spacers if that would do the trick or will I have to lift it or put a leveling kit on it and Iím trying to avoid that at the moment just not in my 18 year old budget. Anything will greatly help

powerstrokeshellback 07-20-2019 05:43 PM

20 wide tires on 14in wheels?

3in spacers are stupid big. Say good bye to your bearings.

Oneops 07-21-2019 07:59 AM

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Clearance will continue to be an issue as you want to get bigger.
I’d wait and save to buy a good 4-6 in Kit.

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