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07-29-2019 07:31 PM
doubleslottedflaps That sounds like you need points , condenser ,plugs, rotor , cap and possibly a set a Y R's.
07-29-2019 05:34 PM
Larry Grogan Lots of good comments from everyone, as usual.

My thoughts;

my truck (non excursion) runs low 220s while towing. It stays there I dont sweat it too much. But maybe I should also look in to the things the others mentioned.

Fuel delivery; sounds like there is some issue there. Do you monitor fuel pressure ? If not you should. Do you have a speed limiter ? If so I would turn it up to 180mph and see if you can run it out of fuel during a WOT run. I have a weird suspicion you are not producing adequate FP.
07-29-2019 07:36 AM
bismic I think you still have injector issues in addition to a cooling problem.
07-29-2019 07:05 AM
taylorbg *** Update ***

The shop replaced the EGR valve. I towed this weekend and it was a lot better. There was no sputter and it was able to hold speed up hills. The turbo seems to be kicking in a lot earlier now too and sounds like it used to. Without a load, it feels better too. It even shifts a lot smoother. My mpg went up a little to 11 while towing.

I still think it is running a little hot though. It stayed around 215 while towing. Up hills it would hit 220. Long hills it would hit 230. Fan kicks in and brings it back down so it only touched for a short amount of time. But when the fan kicks on, the truck works harder and it starts to slow on the hills.

Now without a load, it is running around 195 running flat at 70 - 85. If I punch it it would touch 199 for a half second. Coasting down a hill it would cool to 192 for a half second.

My guess is maybe the thermostat is stuck open? If it was the pump, I would think it would be running hotter as the coolant wouldn't be circulating and not cool down? Thermostats seem cheap and an easy swap so I might just swap it this weekend and see if it fixes it.

The truck has been pressure tested and full coolant flush when they did the coolers
07-21-2019 07:28 AM
Sock Puppet Are you monitoring fuel pressure? When were the fuel filters last changed?
07-20-2019 12:04 PM
taylorbg I was not using Tow Haul. I should have tried that to see if it makes it easier until I am able to figure out the issue.
07-20-2019 10:39 AM
Kodaeppig Are you in tow haul? If so try towing without putting it in tow haul and see if it still does it.
07-20-2019 10:13 AM
taylorbg I am traveling between Texas and Oklahoma, so it isn't mountain hills, but there are some decent long hills. Seems like a constant up down up down on the hills. But this isn't the first time I have traveled distances with a trailer so I have some type of feel for how the truck should handle the load.

I feel like the temps were too high as well which is why I brought it up. It wasn't even super hot, around 95 degree outside. The fan clutch was kicking on, I could hear it. This weekend was the worse mpg I have seen. Like I said, I used to be 14 with a trailer. This summer it has been 11 - 12. This weekend 9.2.

I have the ford add ons added to the Torque app using the paid version. That is the only transmission temp that was reading anything. I can look again.

The shop I take it to was highly recommended by my normal car guy. The normal car guy is my Dad's long time best friend, known him my whole life, so if he recommends someone I usually trust him. The shop I take it to does a lot of work on diesels, but it is not a diesel exclusive shop. The shop owner goes way back to high school with my dad, father in law and normal car guy. So the trust of the shop is there. My biggest problem with them is they are slow. They have it a week at a time, but they are not a swap a part and see type of place. I had it in there last week to try and figure it out and they couldn't but I had to go pick it up because I had a trip coming up. Next trip is this Thursday. Sure wish I could figure it out by then. It is a stressful drive when your worrying if you will make it back. I already have 5k in repairs this summer and still not 100%. The wife is telling me to go get a new one, but it is hard to replace the Excursion. Plus the truck payments on new ones. I may have to try the dealership. I don't know of any other trusty diesel shops around here. I am on East site of DFW, so I am sure there are some, I just don't know who they are.
07-20-2019 07:35 AM
ChrisSki Not sure any of this addresses the sputter I heard in the video. Kind of sputters once every few seconds.

I suspect three different problems, and only one is related to the sputter. The first is the boost seems low IF the peaks are up a steep (5%) extended grade while towing. I see 28 to 30 PSI. This could be a leak anywhere from the turbo to air intake or exhaust gas manifold to the turbo, or maybe even the turbo veins are clogged. My reference is when I tow with an 11k trailer, so that could be different. If those boost numbers, which look like they peak at 20PSI and 17 PSI are flat and level up a three shallow hills, then disregard.

Second, a temp of 220 is way too high for a flat and level tow, and that's with my trailer which is 11k and towing in AZ heat of 110. Before my mechanical fan clutch install, I had an ECT of 205 - 210 when towing flat and level in the summer, going up hill the fan kicked on at 220 and quickly cooled things down. If your fan is not kicking on like a jet engine, I'd suspect something like the fan clutch. I installed a mechanical clutch and towing at 65 my ECT won't reach above 205 up a steep grade and is normally 195. In the summer with 110 outside temps, those temps are perhaps a little higher. The 7.3 Mechanical fan clutch may fix that, but it'll mask whatever was causing it, perhaps the electric clutch was going bad. If the water pump is slipping, that'd need to be changed. Both of those are a half day job if you have the tools, and the only special tool needed is a fan clutch wrench, unless you can use a pneumatic hammer to take it off. It may also be even simpler and a thermostat failing in the open position.

Last is the contribution codes kind of point towards injectors. I hope the shop you brought it to did a contribution check. Hopefully it was a diesel shop with a good software package like IDS.

You may need to find a shop that will take the liability of towing the boat on a test drive to figure it out. Not all shops will do that, and it can get pricey.
07-20-2019 07:30 AM
1fastTRX Another thing... Those temps seem high if they are flat ground temps. Stock radiator? Do you ever hear the fan kick on?

The trans temp you selected is probably the wrong one. It matches coolant. I had the same issue. There are other trans temp pids in torque. You'll probably have to grab the Ford specific one.

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