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03-17-2019 08:58 AM
scooters4x4 6.0 Good ol Apple doing all the thinking for us again....
03-16-2019 02:23 PM
Larry Grogan So ran the truck today. I got the IR gun used a sharpy to make dots on;the drivers side of the intake, on the egr cooler, on the oil filter housing, and on the side of the radiator to indicate where to aim the gun. I warmed the truck drove it about 10 miles pulled over and grabbed the IR gun and logged my temperatures in Apple note. After traveling 18.8 miles I pulled over and repeated the process with the IR gun. Well the engineers at Apple seem to think that i am too dumb to enter data in to Apple note and it changed my data to make the numbers sequential 136,137,138, etc. so I had to adjust fire as my baseline data was now invalid.

I had some screenshots of the ambient temperature displayed on my dash and I had been watching the OBDII air temp and the IAT2 temp via forscan. So I rolled with this data.

So run one with the egr in place;
Ambient displayed temperature was 58-61 F
OBDII air temp was 60-69 degrees.
IAT2 temp was 87-99F

Parked the truck for a while and then replaced the egr with the eBay spool. Afterwards repeated my run. It was slightly warmer out so the data varied slightly and there was still heat in the motor trans, etc..

Second run with spool in place;
Ambient displayed temp was now 69F
OBDII air temp was 70-82F
IAT2 temp was 94-102 during this run.

In all fairness I did NOT watch the data as closely during the second run. These runs were at a displayed 69mph in the 70 zones and a displayed 60mph in the 55mph zones. These were fairly low boost runs probably average 7-12. Under high boost conditions maybe the outcome would be different.

I have not really thought too extensively about this data; what it means or it’s validity. While driving I was thinking that the spool had led to a greater IAT2:OBDII air temp delta, but after writing down the numbers and reviewing them it appears that the spool has decreased that delta. By no means is this scientific and there are probably a whole lot of details I am missing. I will think about it further and post back my thoughts, but this is what I have so far. I would prefer to have data logged the data but I am not that savvy with the tuner or the monitors yet.
03-14-2019 12:13 PM
Kunkel3269 No problem! I was clueless on this as well. A lot of great information on this forum. I will keep posting updates as time goes on as well. Hopefully they are good updates and not bad! LOL
03-14-2019 11:12 AM
[email protected]
Originally Posted by Kunkel3269 View Post
Been doing a lot of research lately. My truck still has the EGR Cooler in it and assume it is not welded due to black soot build up on the valve after installing a new EGR valve last year. I want to try and delete the egr. I would like to put a delete kit on it but have heard people speak of the Y pipe breaking. So I thought I would buy a already welded EGR cooler but will always have that though in the back of my mind that it could fail still.

I would like advice and opinions on my idea. I was thinking of installing the bullet proof diesel EGR cooler. Would also purchase a programmer that would allow me to turn the EGR system off. Then have the EGR valve welded shut. That way if I had to, I could just install a new valve and have a functioning EGR system. I’m sure this has been brought up. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Just wanted to thank you for starting this post. I wouldn’t have heard about the egr plug either if it wasn’t for your post and others putting their ideas into it. Plug is in and everything is better than I hoped so far. I’ll post again if anything changes.
03-13-2019 06:02 AM
[email protected]
Originally Posted by Larry Grogan View Post
I could not get to mine this weekend. I think the delta data would be interesting but not really substantiate anything. There are a lot of heat sinks involved in the system(oil, coolant, etc).

We have a IR heat gun at work, if I can borrow it for a few days I can do a test drive and record temps between; ambient, radiator, and egr cooler. Then replace egr with spool and repeat the same drive and record the same data.

Honestly don’t know if I can make it happen. Will Post back afterwards.
After reading your post I did some thinking/digging. I forgot about the Air Intake Temp sensor🙄. I’m thinking, because of its location it is reading right from the intake manifold. I didn’t take any readings before the plug install but only after. Now my intake temp is either the same as the outside ambient temp or a degree or two over depending on what I’m doing. I’m assuming that is normal. Seems legit as I can’t imagine it getting any cooler without some kind of mechanical cooling or ice sync. If anybody is about to install the plug I’d like to see what their temps are before and after the install. I’d like to think that eliminating 400-1200 degree exhaust from the equation, the intake temps will be much lower.
03-12-2019 06:26 PM
Originally Posted by kcoyner View Post
It's not hard to imagine a time when there would be a lot of 6.0 owners who would wish they had went this route if more and more states adopt emissions checks. OTOH if enough of the "Green Earthers" get themselves elected we'll be getting our trucks crushed.

I wouldn't argue with that statement, but for me personally, if I still had my 6.0, I'd park it before I put the emissions crap back on it. The new truck is a bit of a different story, but going back legit on it is only about a half day of effort.

I kept my 6.0 in a state that I could go back to emissions compliance quickly (if needed) for a good while. It would be significantly more difficult now, but I like it better the way it is. I still have all of the parts if my son needs to take it back to that condition, but I'm betting on the truck being worn out before that day comes.
03-12-2019 04:50 PM
Kunkel3269 Just took my truck on a little over 400 mile trip. Ran great. Kept an eye on all my fluid levels and temps. Never went over 9 degree delta going over 80 on I-20. No fluid loss anywhere. Fuel milage looked great running on gearhead 8K tow tune. On the way back today had a 60 MPH cross wind for about 120 miles. Never went over 8-9 degrees. I’m happy with it so far.
03-12-2019 12:41 PM
scooters4x4 6.0 Okay, 3rd attempt at responding I seem to be having issues today.

I had my narrow view glasses on earlier and forgot there are places that test for emissions, so far I am lucky where I am.
This now does make total sense and is the best alternative.
03-12-2019 12:32 PM
Larry Grogan
Originally Posted by scooters4x4 6.0 View Post
Am I wrong or is it not better to completely close out the EGR system with a welded up air tight cooler..... Or am I wrong?
The cheapo ebay replacement kits cause issues with up pipes (unless upgraded) and if using the egr valve replacement plug and your cooler does fail you will still get coolant leaking into the exhaust.
For me when I get around to it this spring it will be a weld up job with thick plugs to ensure it is and will always be closed. Then if the cooler does spring a leak all that happens is the cavity fills with coolant, no harm no foul.
I think it’s kind of a good, better, best scenario. And not everyone’s best option will be identical.

Some people need the option to replace the valve for an (annual ?) inspection, others never need the valve. Just these two scenarios alone would dictate different choices being made.

I bought the one ton as its GVW dictated that I did NOT have to smog it, well the law changed about 10 years ago and now I have to smog it. I would have preferred a full delete, but the shop that did my work would not do it so I am where I am. I am also uncertain it will pass with a full delete so I want the option to reverse the delete and use the plug. I am also uncertain if they will change the laws and start sniffing for more than they currently sniff for which would require me to “reverse” my “delete”.
03-11-2019 06:47 PM
Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
I agree that this is probably the better option. However, some people have to have the proper emissions for their location to pass inspections. In my case I made the decision to bulletproof at a reputable shop that would only do the work and warranty their work with the proper emissions. The plug is an easy drop in and cheap. If I need to, I can take 15 minutes and put the egr valve back in. And Because of my upgraded EGR cooler I doubt I’ll ever have a coolant leak or failure.
And so far, so good. Already a couple hundred miles and no issues. Still no check engine light. I absolutely must have deactivated the valve a while ago and not remembered.
It's not hard to imagine a time when there would be a lot of 6.0 owners who would wish they had went this route if more and more states adopt emissions checks. OTOH if enough of the "Green Earthers" get themselves elected we'll be getting our trucks crushed.

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