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  1. NCFX4
    08-27-2018 01:32 PM - permalink
    Hey, bismic. I didnít want to hijack the thread so I want to ask about your 6.0 a/c comment. You say theyíre pretty reliable but I want to pursue that. I have an Ď04 6.0 CC SWB Lariat and over the past 15 months have had the compressor and clutch fan replaced along with some minor bits like o rings, etc. My wife is recovering right now so I have no time to get under the hood myself and also have no a/c experience. So far the dealer costs run around 3 grand. My biggest issue still exists and thatís very poor performance at idle and sometimes even slow running. On normal my vents are pushing 52-54 degree air. Jump ahead to a test I did...a 24 inch biig *** shop fan in front of the condenser at full speed and the air on max gives me 38 degrees at the vents. Obviously I canít do this on the road but Iím looking at a pusher fan in addition to the stock setup.
  2. NCFX4
    08-27-2018 01:28 PM - permalink
    Hey, bismic. I’m trying to send a PM about your a/c comment and I’m having issues. I’m at
    [email protected]
    Could you give me a shout if you get this? Thanks...Ed
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