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  1. bismic
    04-17-2010 07:36 PM - permalink
    FICM voltages are low. I am not sure if they are low enough to prevent starting, but the FICM is either on the way out or your batteries are weak. It could be from all the cranking too. Sounds like the ICP is not the problem, HPOP seems fine, fuel pressure is low, but not so low it would prevent starting. I seriously doubt it is cam or crank sensors (rarely a problem) but I admit sometimes they do fail. PCM failure is rare also. I would lean more to FICM or injectors from what you have described. What year model is it? and how many miles on it?
  2. buf4rd22
    04-17-2010 06:22 PM - permalink
    hi, I did a scan, i cleaned the egr and there is no anti freeze in the erg port, i also disconnected the icp and it still would not start.with it conected it will at least pop off. I have 47v reading for the ficm the icp pressure is 10800 while cranking. inj,pressure reg shows 46 psi. the codes i have im sure were caused from cranking it so much they were low voltage codes for icp and ficm with charger on is when i got the ficm reading for 47 volt. im lost now on what to check. you can hear little or no noise when you do a buzz test. could i have bad relays? cam or crank sensors or pcm thank you for any help you can give me
  3. bismic
    04-17-2010 10:40 AM - permalink
    Look over this thread (link below) and get back w/ me after you have done some troubleshooting. A no-start condition can be caused by many, many things. I tried getting this thread posted here on the Org, but apparently it has too many links to other (competing) forums.

    Troubleshooting a No-Start condition - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums
  4. buf4rd22
    04-17-2010 10:03 AM - permalink
    Hi i read your posts i like them buti have a problem with no start mine will crank and wont start. i cant hear the buzz test what would cause this? if you could help thank you. Jeff
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