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powerstrokekiller 10-16-2005 09:51 AM

Fuel Prices
Just wondering how much are you paying a gallon for a fuel where you live? What's the best price you've seen?
I live in Summerfield, Fl. At the Pilot station on I-75 it was around 3.50 a gallon about 20 miles south of here in lecanto I found it for 2.85. I went back to refill and it had went up to 3.00 in lecanto though.

jwiger 10-16-2005 10:13 AM

yesterday prices were between 3.00 and 3.33 here in Sumter, S.C.

Rodslinger 10-16-2005 12:47 PM

I paid 2.99 at a Diamond Shamrock in Katy last week when I filled up. I may run by there this evening and fuel up again if it's still reasonable. On average it's been ranging between 3.00 - 3.45 around Houston.

powerstrokekiller 10-16-2005 05:05 PM

Filled up not two hours ago at the pilot on the interstate and it was 3.29 a gallon. I paid eighty dollars for three quarters of a tank.

jimmy 10-16-2005 06:22 PM

3.09 in cleveland tennessee 99 psd superchips banks exhuast k and n

jwiger 10-16-2005 07:45 PM

Welcome Jimmy!

99Smokin73Stroker 10-24-2005 12:16 AM

I'm going go off here....
Here in indy I found it for 3.19 at a flying J truck stop, but just down the street it's 3.74!!!!!! Do the math...times 38 gallons = 142 bucks for a full tank!! I use a full tank in 4-5 days during an average work week, not counting my weekend driving. I don't have much of a weekend either, since I have had to work weekends too to make enough money to pay for the fuel costs. I have a small painting business and for the past 2 months my jobs have been located about 35 miles north of where I live. I've averaged about $550-$700 PER MONTH. Late last year I started saving so I could try to buy a house by mid 06. I saved a lot in about 5 months, almost two grand but the fuel prices have forced me to eat most of it up. I am now down to under $300 and have had no choice but to bid my jobs higher than normal. I kept my rates as low as I could until just after Katrina. The result of that is more people not being able to afford me. My savings is nearly depleted, diesel is 3 times what it should be, and my business drops off for about 2-3 months in the winter especially the few weeks before and after christmas. So thanks a lot whoever is responsible for this bull....and it's NOT due to katrina as much as they say it is....why don't truckers just park their rigs one day? I mean you can't really supply this country with the goods it needs without truckers! I guarentee it'd go down fast if they just sat on the shoulders of our interstates for a couple of days. Get those bastard politicians to work for us.....we pay their damn salaries.....screw this i'm going to bed

powerstrokekiller 10-24-2005 08:33 AM

i agree
I agree. The reason we have such high fuel prices is because we have so few refineries for the oil because of those [email protected]#$ commy pinko lefties. They don't think we need to be self sufficient. I can understand it going up because all of our refineries are in that little area that got hit. What a stupid move by us. We need more refineries all over this great nation. But what I don't agree with is that fuel prices went up the day of katrina. That was before they got any new shipments of the higher priced oil. So they haven't had to pay the high price yet. There was a bill that went through the house of representatives that was passed about this. It basically says that the government will help you build more oil refineries. They will also lease or sell you land to do the same. Now to the point of our "oil shortage" that is the biggest bull load I've ever heard. Off the gulf coast of florida there is an enormuous amount of oil just waiting to be drilled. But why can't we drill it? These old farts don't want to get in their fifth floor condo and watch the sunset and see oil derricks. But they have their retirement and they can afford to fill up their cadillac. I say give them the shaft and drill the oil. To me that would be a beautiful sight off of my balcony(if I could afford to have one). That would mean I get to see fuel in the one dollar range. Now on to the Alaskan Pipeline. All these tree huggin hippies say "Oh the pipeline kills off the wildlife." What I have to say to that is, BULLPLOP. The pipeline has to be heated to keep the oil from thickening right? It's cold out right? So did you know that those dadblamed caribou thrive under those pipes. There hasn't been any leaks or any other things happen. Then after that they say that oil is too thick. That's a good thing. That's high quality stuff up there. So bring it down here and build more refineries so we can go back to being the oil hogs of americans that we are. Oh yea I forgot to talk about the arabs. I say when we "conquered" Iraq we should've taken all of their oil. Or say okay we brought "peace" here, now you owe us this many billion barrels of oil for it. Just go through the middle east kickin @$$ and takin oil. This is something that I get feel very passionate about if ya'll couldn't tell.

New2diesel 04-16-2006 02:27 AM

Diesel Prices
MAN, $3.08 a gal today here in Oceanside:( . It just keeps going up. I bet by the middle of summer, it will be up to $3.25. It already cost me $75.00 to fill it up around $2.87 last week. How much is it in your town?

scotty72 04-16-2006 03:31 AM

Fuel Prices
$2.79 and climbing her in Colorado Springs.

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