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bottomland4x4 01-12-2019 05:24 PM

What did you find out? I remote started my truck today and Everything worked like it's supposed to. So it's hit or miss on the cruise working.

Alberta Advantage 01-12-2019 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by bottomland4x4 (Post 16221599)
What did you find out? I remote started my truck today and Everything worked like it's supposed to. So it's hit or miss on the cruise working.

Ford asked the dealership to check for a laundry list of random things. They were asked to ensure thereís no corrosion on the plugs/connectors, no aftermarket components tapped into the circuitry, ensure continuity between circuits, check fuses and voltage, etc. As explained to me by the service manager, this is typical procedure to check all electrical components/harnesses when thereís intermittent issues. Received a phone call explaining that all the things Ford had them check came back normal and the dealership is currently awaiting a response from Ford. Iíve since filed a complaint with Transport Canada with regards to a defect with a safety feature. Weíll see if government intervention yields a faster remedy to my problem.

blackfords 01-13-2019 05:19 PM

3 times now...
19 superduty diesel

Alberta Advantage 01-17-2019 05:05 PM

Ford sent out a regional engineer to the dealership. Verdict is that the pre-collision assist not available error is due to a voltage spike that happens when you use the remote start. Itís a computer/programming issue. Thereís no ETA on an update but Ford is aware of some vehicles having this issue. I guess that the current/voltage deltas are out of range and throw the code. The engineer says that thereís no need to worry about these voltage spikes affecting other modules on the truck. Iím not sold on this as itís intermittent. Most of the time, I donít get the error when using remote start. Iím currently proceeding with arbitration for Ford to buy back the vehicle. Iíll be picking up my truck tomorrow so hopefully, everything is better documented and I can post a copy of the work order.

blackfords 01-17-2019 05:21 PM

Just had mine come up again without remote start. Only 650 miles on her

JuniorDiesel 04-06-2019 02:02 PM

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Alberta Advantage 06-11-2019 10:41 PM

After dealing with the Canadian equivalent of Lemon Law, it looks like my truck will be bought back as Ford was unable to fix the software problem with my adaptive cruise control/pre collision assist not available error in the 60 days set out by a third party arbitrator. Ford acknowledged there was an issue when they sent a letter (manufacturerís defence) dated early February stating theyíre aware of the problem and ďrecommend in the interim to cancel the remote start prior to starting the vehicle to prohibit this concern from happening.Ē

Iím frustrated that in five months, Ford wasnít able to figure this issue out. Seems like Iíll be the one left holding the bag as Iím not compensated for aftermarket parts on my truck and must return the vehicle to stock/OEM form. By going through arbitration, Iím unable to file a legal claim. Iím hoping that Ford not complying with the arbitratorís orders will allow me to go the legal route. I have a teleconference next week to discuss the repair award not being completed. Not sure what that means.

swilson143 06-12-2019 06:50 AM


Originally Posted by swilson143 (Post 15704202)
After a total of 3 dealer visits and 20 total days without my truck, I think they've finally truly fixed it this time. They had to replace the restraint module, which is located on the tranny tunnel under the center console. I've had it back a week and not seen the error message. Previously it was a daily occurrence.

Sorry to hear they haven't fixed it. Did they try the same module Ford replaced on my truck? I haven't had any issues since they replaced that restraint module.

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