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bigwhitef250 06-04-2019 09:44 AM

2013 BCM problems
Forgive me if there’s already a thread on this but I couldn’t find one. If there is one, please kindly post a link to it in a reply. On to my issue: I have a 2013 F250 that had lost communication with the BCM. I’ve had issues with it before but it went right away after a few seconds. It happened when I was driving and the whole cluster went out so I pulled over and honestly pretty stupidly shut off the engine. Unable to restart it I had it towed to the dealer and they told me I need a new BCM, so I replaced and reprogrammed a brand new one. 2 weeks later I’m having the same issue as before but I found out one morning releasing the parking brake (because my driveway is a hill) makes it go away. I have a scanner on my hum by Verizon and it throws a U0140 (lost communication with BCM) every time it happens, even though it reconnects itself. I’m thinking I have a bad harness somewhere or maybe a faulty power supply. Has anyone else had an issue like this? I wanted to see if there’s been anyone who has a solution before I waste my time and money at the dealer most likely telling me they wanna replace it again. Thanks in advance to any helpful replies.

tomshep 06-07-2019 11:16 PM

Common problem. There is a large harness connection right above the parking brake. Lots of owners have reported electrical issues when they use the parking brake. Check the harness to confirm it is plugged in. Also look at the wires and make sure they are seated fully into the plugs.


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