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BluSTi 02-22-2017 08:24 AM

Leather Treatment

I have a new-to-me 2012 F350 King Ranch and though the leather looks like it's in "good" shape, I'd like to keep it like that. What do you fine folks recommend for leather care for these?

Thanks in advance.

mattastic13 02-22-2017 08:41 AM

I use Bicks#4. It's good enough for my nice boots and it's great on my seats.

BluSTi 02-22-2017 08:43 AM


Originally Posted by mattastic13 (Post 14661177)
I use Bicks#4. It's good enough for my nice boots and it's great on my seats.

I was thinking that the Obenaufs I use on my White's would work, but it takes darn near forever to absorb.

mattastic13 02-22-2017 08:45 AM

The first time I used the Bicks, it DID take forever. But it turned the seats buttery soft.

Speaking of which....I need to treat my seats again.

BluSTi 02-22-2017 08:47 AM

Copy, so far it's Bicks #4. Thanks!

wchain 02-23-2017 05:01 AM

I have had good luck with Zaino Bros Leather in a Bottle cleaner and conditioner.

throttlejocky316 02-23-2017 06:35 PM

I have always had good luck with using Lexol on my saddles and boots.

BridgerMT 02-24-2017 05:14 AM

Neatsfoot oil is a yellow oil rendered and purified from the shin bones and feet (but not the hooves) of cattle. "Neat" in the oil's name comes from an old English word for cattle.[1] Neatsfoot oil is used as a conditioning, softening and preservative agent for leather. In the 18th century, it was also used medicinally as a topical application for dry scaly skin conditions.

"Prime neatsfoot oil" or "neatsfoot oil compound" are terms used for a blend of pure neatsfoot oil and non-animal oils, generally mineral or other petroleum-based oils.

This is the stuff I use on saddles and it is awesome. I also take 180 grit sandpaper 1st and sand out any deep scratches in the seats. Then a heavy coat of of this with a clean wax pad and your seats will look new again.There is a smell to it but I like it.

BluSTi 02-27-2017 07:01 AM


I remember neatsfoot from way back in my youth from cleaning saddles, I hadn't considered that. I saw a nice deal on Obenauf's on Amazon last week, so I picked up some LP, but I looked a little closer at some of the wear areas and it looks like they need a pretty good cleaning. My steering wheel has some sort of "sticky" substance on the leather that I need to address too.

Thanks for the input folks!

wchain 02-27-2017 05:42 PM

Also, our trucks leather is actually coated with a plastic like coating on top of the leather, so anything like lexol or neatsfoot will not 'soak' into it.

Read up on the detailing forums about Lexol leather treatment, doesn't have very many good reviews.

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