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MstunninV12 09-10-2019 11:56 AM

6.4 need insight no start
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Hi i need a little bit of direction on where to go next 2008 ford f350 full deletes sct tuned.
First off truck died while turning a corner and now wont start. Towed it home. I then cycled the key and could hear air in at the fuel bowl top of the engine. I took it apart and there was air bubbles. I cycled more to get more out and put the filter and cap back on. Brand new cap and filter installed 2 nights prior. Then i hooked up banjo bolt on high pressure and hose on shrader valve. Bled system air bubbles right away and so on for 50 liters or so then none. I cycled key and then no start. So i dropped the hfcm and took a look. Lots of rust and gunk in there. My magnet took a chunk out. I took apart every piece cleaned and put back together and re installed. I re bled the system. Low pressure shrader valve read 3 psi on gauge. All fuses checked and no start. Jw how i can diagnose the hpfp or injectors. If i cant then ill tow it to a shop. I seen no metal fuel bowl has always been clean when changing the filters. But i guess the pictures describe whats been down there.
P0088 code its never been re flashed either i had it booked in for the 12th because the code came up and my research on hear says a reflash may fix it. Also wondering if the wires coulda chaffed also.

KHickey22 09-10-2019 01:09 PM

I don’t have any input on your no start, but I will say that upon digging deeper into the PCM flash for the HPFP, it seems that it’s just a temporary bandaid and when the pump goes eventually, it will take a lot more with it. I’ve been looking for a dealer that knew what I was talking about as far as flashing it and have decided to just replace it unfortunately. Mine also threw the P0088 code which led me to the HPFP. I’m not sure wether or not that could lead to a no start.

MstunninV12 09-10-2019 03:26 PM

Is your fuel cooler pump working? I found i got p0088 when my fuel cooler rad had a leak. Replaced it and made sure pump worked. Never got the code again after that. I ran fine with the code all winter long. Summer came and fuel kept getting hot and put it into limp mode. Replaced it and ran summer fine till now. Codes back and wondering what to replace.

KHickey22 09-10-2019 04:39 PM

Yes fuel cooler is working. Temps in normal range according to my tuner. I narrowed it down to the pump by checking the fuel filter for metal shards, referred to on here as the “glitter test”. Literally looks like glitter in the reservoir. I didn’t see any in the actual basin but did find it between the cap and the filter itself. Truck is running fine, would have had no idea if it didn’t throw the code.

MstunninV12 09-10-2019 08:40 PM

Okay thing that stumps me with mine is no shards found. Just rust metal at hfcm. Could that have came from the hpfp or inside the lines? How do i test the high pressure side while cranking to see if its hitting the 100 psi mark or not?

MstunninV12 09-10-2019 08:56 PM

Also have your checked your hfcm? Maybe yours looks like mine. I found theres a spring un there clogged up. Id imagine it would cause hi pressure due to not being able to circulate. I believe all that metal is from my hpfp ended up in the hfcm thats why i never seen shards in my bowl cuz its all down there.

KHickey22 09-11-2019 07:15 AM

If you’re not getting shards in the bowl then I’d check the fuel rail pressure sensor first and the wiring harness. Early 08’s manufactured in 07 had issues with the harness and sensor that would cause the same issues as a failing HPFP

KHickey22 09-11-2019 07:16 AM

As far as the no start, is the filter bowl filling with fuel after you let the pump cycle?

MstunninV12 09-11-2019 02:20 PM

Okay ill check that out too. But.. I ripped valve cover off today injector rail driver side . Couldnt really get the fuel rail open yet its pretty tight. Decided to test fuel cooler and diesel that came out was GLITTER. Not sure y it wouldnt make it to my bowl though. Already got a hpfp. Now have to source injectors and clean entire system. What a pain. Shop said theyd charge me 50$ a injector to test. I wonder if i could get away with using my old ones. Truck ran fine with no smoke or sounds when it just died and wont restart

KHickey22 09-11-2019 02:23 PM

I’m bringing mine into ford tomorrow to do the harness and sensor and see where that leaves me. I spoke to a power stroke shop by me who was also pushing me in the direction of changing injectors. I didn’t have any smoke or misfires or any signs of bad injectors leading up to this. I plan to just run seafoam through the truck after and hope it clears out.

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