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C130 08-17-2019 03:47 PM

Oil In Coolant
04 6.0, got oil in the coolant. Truck has had head gaskets replaced, ARP studs. Truck runs perfect, zero smoke, no other indications. Son was in an accident several months ago, front end damage. Of course initially I thought blown head gasket but it just doesn’t make sense. We don’t tow with it and the truck is treated very good. Got to thinking maybe transmission cooler was damaged in the accident and checked transmission fluid and it’s low. Would this make sense? Like I said, truck starts right up and runs fine, no other indications.

G8orFord 08-17-2019 04:05 PM

Oil in coolant is usually from the oil cooler rupturing. The transmission cooler could also be the culprit, but it's much less likely.

C130 08-17-2019 04:19 PM

Thanks, with it being hit in the front end and transmission fluid being low I’m leaning towards transmission cooler.

G8orFord 08-17-2019 04:41 PM

Well, if it is the transmission cooler, I'd go ahead an plan on a trans rebuild. The clutches and bands do not do well with water intrusion. The friction material will delaminate.

Oil in the coolant will look milky, trans fluid will too, to a degree, but you should be able to see a pretty decent amount of the red fluid floating on top.

C130 08-17-2019 07:11 PM

Is there an easy way to determine if it’s the transmission cooler? I’ll take a close look at it tomorrow and see if there’s visible damage from the accident. I know they replaced the piece that goes across the front end that’s right in front of the transmission cooler. Truck is lifted and most of the impact was from the underneath.

Hydro 08-17-2019 07:15 PM

Loosely roll up a sheet of white paper towel and dip into the coolant bottle -- pull out and unroll -- what color is the oil stain?

Reddish for tranny -- Brownish for engine

Could take the trans cooler lines off the radiator, then pressurize the radiator to 14psi -- look for coolant leaking out of the trans cooler fittings

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