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F(Frankenstein)-250 09-10-2019 06:44 PM

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2004 no tune, no delete... Completely stock.

Turbo cleaned about 2 months ago

No codes

About a week ago backing up my truck chugged and sounded like it was gonna stall out. I put it in park and the truck just idled rough until I smashed the accelerator. 12 hours later I drove it home and was sitting at a light and it cut off... As if turned the key off. Then it ran fine all week and today it just started surging half way home while at red lights to about 1000rpm or a little more. When it's not surging and I'm sitting at a light I can hear the turbo spool up a tiny bit. So when I got home I sat in my truck a little while (5 mins) in drive and brake smashed then it really surged and jerked me forward a bit.. So I put it in neutral and it was idling really rough... Then I put it in drive and it drove rough. After I shut it off it and turned it back on it was normal. What should I be looking at? VGT going bad?

bismic 09-11-2019 02:32 AM

try running w/ the ICP disconnected.

F(Frankenstein)-250 09-11-2019 04:53 AM


Originally Posted by bismic (Post 16328787)
try running w/ the ICP disconnected.

I'll give it a try

F(Frankenstein)-250 09-11-2019 02:22 PM

Well I'm ready to pull the connector out when it starts to surg and act-up again. I was also told to focus on the MAF... Clean or replace it...does that make sense? I mean I'll do it after work... What do you guys think, could be a MAF sensor?

bismic 09-11-2019 02:27 PM

No better time to disconnect a sensor is when it starts acting up so you can see if it quits, but ok ..........

The ICP is more prone to failure than the MAF and a bad one can definitely cause surging. Thus the reason for my suggestion.

Your call. Post up what you decide and if it works.

F(Frankenstein)-250 09-11-2019 02:50 PM

Well, I'm definitely gonna do what you suggested 100 percent and you make a really good point about the fail rate of the ICP vs the MAF. I'll post what happens either way

F(Frankenstein)-250 09-16-2019 06:04 AM

Update: so a couple days ago I went under the hood to unplug the ICP to see if that would fix the surging rpm's/lunging forward (I was 99% sure that was the problem after researching and posting). I was undoing the usual parts; degas, air filter etc. And on a whim I reached under the ficm to just feel around and i noticed that one of the connectors (the one closest to the cab) was loose... So I clipped it back on (yes it was that loose... I don't know wtf) and test drove it and no surging rpm's or lunging. I gave it a couple of days of driving before I reported back here... Even pulled a trailer on Saturday from Burbank to Buellton and back (about 200 miles one way) and no issues.

So, the moral of the story is to check connections.

Thanks ya'll for the help.

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