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Old 08-16-2006, 07:46 PM
Compression Ignition Addict

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Discount Power Parts / Quadzilla MEMBER contest!

Thank you for stopping in to the Vender contest area!

First off, please do not use this string to post comments, questions, or remarks related to this contest here in this string! We will start a new string called "QUADZILLA GIVE-AWAY CONTEST CHAT"

Discount Power Parts along with Quadzilla Perrformance Technologies has come together to bring to you a fantastic promotional giveaway on the Site!
So, you want to start with the goods? OK, here we go! Visit your conest sponsors! Visit you contest sponors!

Patrick and I (Larry) have decided it was time to put together another contest. For the prize we chose a MONSTER of a product! This cool toy is the COMMANDER of all other promotional give a ways! If this contest and its prize does not Xzillaraider your heart beat…you had better see a doctor…. Because you must be dead!

So we introduce to you the Quadzilla Commander! This fascinating new digital display is the future of diesel truck performance and control!
The Commander Control System is the most powerful monitoring device ever produced for a diesel truck. There is no product that offers the features and user control that the Commander does. Using the Commander as a stand alone gauge will give you digital monitoring of up to 7 parameters simultaneously and allow you to set your own warning screens. When combined with a Quadzilla Xzillaraider module, or with any other adjustable module or chip on the market, the Commander gives you complete engine control and protection at your fingertips. The Commander will allow you to control your module based on most of the monitored parameters and it also has the ability to data log the monitored parameters so you can play them back or download them to your pc. If that is not enough, the Commander will also allow you to control multiple power modules at the same time!

While the functions of this gauge are far greater than anything ever built, we did not stop there. The Commander has the largest LCD screen of any stand alone type gauge. Behind the LCD is an adjustable white LED backlight for easy viewing at night. While the screen is huge, the Commander itself is not. Using the most advanced parts available allowed us to keep the Commander in an attractive custom built enclosure that fits nicely in your truck with simple installation.

•Easy Installation
•Bigger LCD
•Total Control
•Better Price
•Stand Alone Operation
•USB Upgradeable online

User Defined Display:
•Monster LCD Screen
•Largest Stand Alone Gauge
•Adjustable Backlight
•User Defined Alerts

Stand Alone Operation:
•The Commander provides digital monitoring of up to 7 parameters on your truck simultaneously
•The Commander works as a stand alone gauge and no other products
are needed to use the monitoring system
•The Commander has the largest LCD screen of any stand alone
type gauge
•The Commander will de-fuel based upon EGT, Boost, Trans/Oil Temp,
Engine Coolant (high), Injection Pressure, and Fuel Pressure. This
alone almost makes any other gauge obsolete.
•Parameters Monitored: EGT - Boost - Transmission/Oil Temperature -
Engine Coolant Temperature - Injection Pressure - Fuel Pressure
(0-100psi) RPM
CCS1000 - $399.00 Retail

So Patrick and I were discussing this, and Patrick says to me…”Larry, why not get a hold of the guys over at Quadzilla and see if they want to take part in this contest!” I told him he was insane (As usual) and I blew it off….but after a while, I thought to myself….Self, why not try it! So we called our pals over at Quadzilla and ran the idea past them, and they decided to jump at it!

Now we get to the second prize in this contest! The Quadzilla Xzillaraider module for the Ford 6.0 and 7.3! This module is joined with the Commander display above and allows you to take total control of your truck! With Quadzilla, you are in the driver’s seat! You control the power, you control the temps, and you have the ability to take COMMAND!

For the Ford 6.0:

Quadzilla has been an innovator and leader in the 6.0L Powerstroke market since its inception. The Xzillaraider module is the ultimate solution for the 6.0L Powerstroke.
With its built in engine monitoring and low exhaust temperatures the Xzillaraider is the safest module built for the 6L Ford.

• Up to 160/280 ft lbs of torque gain
• Easiest installation available for the 6L Ford
• Fully adjustable on the fly
• Monitors Engine Coolant and Oil temperature for engine safety
• Increase fuel economy up to 4 mpg
• Low exhaust temperatures
• Most reliable modules available
• Smoothest power delivery available

FXZ6LS 03-04 $449
FXZ6L2R 05-07 $449

For the Ford 7.3:

After many years of development and research on the 7.3L Powerstroke we couldn’t resist doing something even better when the technology became available. The Xzillaraider for the 99-03 7.3L Powerstroke is a new and improved version of the successful Stealth Module. Quadzilla used its patent pending technology to revise the previous module, making it smoother, more powerful and more reliable than ever

• Up to 80hp gain
• Lowest exhaust temperatures available
• Increase fuel mileage up to 4 mp
• Low-end torque for pulling
• Built in safety modes to monitor oil temperatures
• Fully adjustable on the fly
• 100% plug and play with simple installation
• Undetectable once removed

FXZ73 99-03 $399

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Old 08-16-2006, 07:56 PM
Compression Ignition Addict

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Contest brought to you by: and

All Products available for imediate purchase at

So, you see the goods, and now you want to learn about the contest?

A. All contest entries must be forum members.
B. All entries must be within the confines of the times prescribed below.
C. New forum members are as eligible as old forum members … if you are lurking, it is time to join in the fun!
E. Any member competing in this contest shall own a 99-06 Ford 7.3 or 6.0 Diesel truck or Excursion. We hope to not only have fun with this contest and the excitement it generates for DPP and Quadzilla, but we also hope to have a member here discuss the install and the performance of the products after the contest is finished!

The contest will work like this. We will provide an email address for this contest at approximately noon tomorrow (Thursday Aug 17th). We will ask forum members to select that email link, and submit their name, screen name, address, and phone number along with a random 4 digit number. As many guys/gals as they like, can input their random 4 digit number into the contest email address. This phase of the contest will begin noon on Thursday the 17th, and go until noon on Wednesday the 23rd, 7 days later.

We will than use the Pennsylvania big-4 lottery on Thursday evening to get the 50 members numbers that are closest to the lottery number. These 50 folks will advance to the next level. This first level is a 100% random chance of getting thru. After Thursday, we will take Friday to determine the 50 who will advance and we will announce the 50 forum usernames on Saturday. Saturday the 26th will begin phase 2 of the contest!

For the next 7 days (Beginning on Sat the 26th) we will provide a single contest question/puzzle per day that may require multiple part answers at times. On each day the members submit the answer to the question to the contest assigned email so that no one sees another persons information to use it to try to get their own answer right. After the 7 days, we will wait 2 days and announce the winner based on whomever:

A: Gave the most correct replies (Intellect/luck/Skills with search engines)
B: Get all 7 results in by the last day before the others (Time based)
C. Similar to (B.) if multiple folks answer all questions coorect, the first person to get the email in with all correct will be called out as the overall winner.

So, that in short tells you what you can win, and how you will proceed thru the contest. The first half is purely random…. Luck if you will….. The second half is yet to be discovered! One thing to be certain…… is to keep the answers to yourself!

Who can not join in the fun?

Any moderator/vendor/employee of the site can not participate. This is for members only. Any member level, be it a first time poster or a Premium member with 10,000 posts has the ability to enter! Also you, your brother, your mother and your father that all live together may not enter! Its one person per household!

Why do I give my personal information, and what will be done with it?

Good question! We are collecting personal information that must be complete to take part in this contest for a couple reasons. First off, we want to be able to verify that there is one entrant per household. Second is that by entering yourself into this contest, you are agreeing to allow Discount Power Parts as well as Quadzilla to mail or email you information related to diesel performance products. This does not mean you will be spammed! Your personal info will not be traded or sold by Discount Power Parts or by Quadzilla Performance Technologies.

What if I refuse to enter my personal information?
Simple! You will not be entered into the random drawing; you will be excluded from the contest. If you want to play for nearly a grand in fun parts that are being supplied free to you, the least you can do is be willing to get a couple emails or catalogs about the things you already love! It’s a no brainer!

Who is really putting on this contest?
This contest is being put on by:

The Quadzilla Commander is being supplied by:
Discount Power Parts
3001 Ridge Rd. Ext.
Baden, PA. 15005

The Qaudzilla Xzillaraider Module is being supplied by:
Quadzilla Performance Technologies, Inc.
6032 Jacksboro Hwy #100
Fort Worth, TX 76135

What is the real retail value of the contest prizes?

The Quadzilla Commander Retails for $399
The Ford 6.0 Modules Retail for $449
The Ford 7.3 Modules Retail for $399

The Minimum total value of prizes will be $798 plus shipping.
The Maximum total value of prizes will be $848 plus shipping.

What else does Quadzilla have that I may want to know about?

I thought you would never ask! Quadzilla is always working hard to bring hot new products to life for your hot diesel truck! And next week we will see the release of the new Digital monitoring system called the Quadzilla Recon XZT! This great new product retails for only $249!

In 2005 Quadzilla introduced the Xzillaraider XZT series of power modules. The XZT series made such a powerful impact in the diesel performance industry that we felt we could not stop with just the power module. The XZT series is know for being an affordable, effective, and reliable solution to your diesel performance needs. All XZT products are simple to use and simple to install.

New for 2006 Quadzilla is bringing you the RECON XZT gauge. The Recon utilizes a 4 digit 7 segment display that is easy to use in all lighting conditions. To navigate the menu system we used our custom elastomer buttons. This 3 button system is simple to navigate allowing the user to easily flip through the monitored parameters or the menu system. The buttons are backlit for simple navigation at night. The brightness of the Recon is also user adjustable.

This new digital gauge is an incredible value that is packed with features that many products cannot offer even at double the price! The Recon will read EGT, Boost and Transmission/Oil temperature. The RECON can also be upgraded to replace the Transmission/Oil Sensor for a Fuel Pressure kit. The Recon also gives you the ability to set a warning for each parameter monitored. Once a warning is reached the screen will flash that parameter and its current reading. If that was not enough, the Recon will also record the maximum value for each parameter. Amazingly we were able to package all these features into a package that will fit into the palm of your hand!

The Recon is powerful, yet it is very compact. We designed this product to mount on top of the steering column of almost any vehicle you want to mount it in. The Recon will sit on your steering column without obstructing the view of any of your factory gauges. Although we chose the steering column, the compact size allows you to mount the Recon in a variety of places.

Simple installation is also another important feature of all of our XZT products and the Recon is no different. The Recon simply needs to be connected to a 12v power source with the provided fuse taps, a ground source and then connected to the factory and provided sensor and thermocouple. There is no need to try and splice into the factory wiring for power or to light your gauge. There is also no need for an expensive a-pillar mount and custom paint to make it match. This is the easiest and most economical solution to monitoring your engine vitals available.

Do not let the size, affordability, and simplicity of this product fool you, this is an extremely accurate and efficient product. We guarantee you will not find a more accurate, fast responding gauge anywhere.
• 4 Digit 7 Segment display
• Adjustable Brightness
• Extremely Compact
• Monitors EGT, Boost,
• Trans/Oil or Fuel Pressure
• Simple Installation
• Extremely Accurate
• Tattle Tale feature for all Parameters
• User defined warnings
• Extremely Affordable

Supported Vehicles:
• 94-06 Powerstroke
• 98-06 Cummins
• 01-06 Duramax

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Old 08-17-2006, 11:09 AM
Compression Ignition Addict

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Feedback Score: 0 reviews I guess you guys have waited long enough.

Stage 1 begins: Send your four digit number along with your username, full name, shipping address, phone (cell or home) and a description of the truck you own. The contest email address is below. This address is for contest use only. Incomplete entries will be deleated. The PA Lottory uses the numbers 0-9.
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Old 08-17-2006, 11:28 AM
Compression Ignition Addict

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Private messages DO NOT WORK! You will have to send your info to the email address listed above and below.

If you sent a private message the info was already deleted.
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Old 08-18-2006, 04:18 AM
Compression Ignition Addict

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DO NOT POST HERE. There is a new string to post comments, questions, banter with each other....whatever. The 4 digit number is the random number you pick...and you hope its one of the 50 numbers closest to the PA lottery number pulled the following day. NO ONE KNOWS THE NUMBER YET. Unless you travel into the future, you will not know the number, so take a guess....totally random odds of getting thru.

You can ONLY submit your info by the email adress listed in the post above. YoIf you PM your info to Patrick a million times, it will be deleted a million times! We need to keep the info in a single location, that is why the email adress Patrick listed in the string above was created!

Marc, delete the two posts above this please, but leave this here if you don't mind. (Banshee34 took care of)

Guys, if you want to chat, ask questions, or have a is the post made for that:

Last edited by Banshee34; 08-18-2006 at 05:29 AM.
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Old 08-18-2006, 07:50 PM

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Members, THIS IS NOT TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE!!!! Patrick and Larry have teamed up with Quadzilla to GIVE this away. The contest costs NOTHING to enter other than your time to join if your not a member (the site is free to join for a standard membership) and the time it takes to send an email to Discount Power Parts specified email adress for the contest!!!! You cant be one of the lucky 50 guys that make it to the second stage of the contest if you dont enter your name!!!!!
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Old 08-22-2006, 07:01 AM
Compression Ignition Addict

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Time is ticking away. Pick you 4 digit number 0000-9999 and send it to the contest email above with all your info including your username, real name, address, and what type of truck you drive. Only 55 people are signed up! Lets make this event work so we can do it again!
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Old 08-24-2006, 11:19 AM
Compression Ignition Addict

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Ok, the number will be pulled tonight from the Pa Lottery LINK at 7:00 pm eastern standard time. The Big 4 number will decide what 50 members move to the next stage of the contest. Saturday we will list these 50 members usernames on here, and post the first trivia question / picture to identify (google earth pic). So, stay tuned, and do your homework. Its about to get Monster Ugly around here. These should be some very hard questions and or pics to figure out.

Play Safe and Drive like a Monster!
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Old 08-24-2006, 08:41 PM
Compression Ignition Addict

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Ok, we have the number, and we have our pool of 50 contestants. One of these fellow forum members (Assuming your all members...Marc will check!) will be getting a SWEET deal on a QUADZILLA system.

When you think about cutting edge power in your diesel truck, you should be thinking about the QUADZILLA Commander and the Xzillaraider power module! Upto 160 available to you with full digital control, complete integrated safety, and looks that kill! You will not find a better value or quality any where but right here with Quadzilla and Discount Power Parts!

And dont forget the new to release RECON DIGITAL MONITOR!

Check out the newly released RECON here!

Check Out Quadzilla here!

Now, I know your all dying to see who the 50 are...the band of war against each other in a battle of random insanity and time trial based trivia! At some point Saturday the 26th, a question will appear here. The chosen 50 will read/look at thequestion and attempt to be the first (Or only!) contestant to get the CORRECT answer in to the contest email address! There will be no hints. No one will publically display thier answers. You will not know if you all got it right....or if no one did. At the end, I will sort out the mess and come up with a clear cut winner based on the standards outlined above. This contestant will shortly there-after get his/her new Quadzilla/Discount Power Parts MONSTER CONTEST power system!

Check Out Discount Power Parts here!

So here is the list...the chosen ones......The ones you all want to be right about now!
2853 is the Thursday evening PA lottery number!

1 0347 MJC
2 0613 Oil
3 0741 F250gal
4 1025 Stroker04
5 1156 Cam1111
6 1371 Spubar44
7 1552 BigLew
8 5718 Kevin C Zunker
9 1821 Castacwa
10 1956 Strokemaster
11 1984 Dgramenz
12 2024 Miffsudd
13 2213 SykoStroker06
14 2386 Baststen
15 2447 *******
16 2461 Fleastang
17 2723 building39
18 2834 brrs3633
19 2981 wheelin1978
21 3208 Glenn M
22 3281 Chancelor
23 3456 Hcmcgolfer
24 3820 94powerstroke
25 4167 Worm Drowner
26 4178 Ramsmoker
27 8822 DieselViking
28 4583 Ltjds
29 8678 PowerStroken090
30 4742 CHenry
31 4828 Mokancraig
32 2897 1971boss
33 4900 Raveer2000
34 5272 firefighterbri
35 5341 Josh_tn
36 6154 Snafflebit
37 6378 Over200
38 6392 2dreamx
39 6429 kyrel69
40 6471 Badboy47
41 6784 Bigscrb15
42 6881 BigGreen06
43 7059 Green Horn
44 7269 dirtjunkie55
45 8693 bdcnst
46 7723 Dragr8cer
47 7936 markiemark79
48 8127 Brennan
49 8246 SSmoked
50 8497 Westcoaststrokin

If you are not on this list, we thank you for playing and ask you to wait for the next contest and please.... TRY AGAIN! We plan to continue to support the folks that support us, and that is you guys! Patrick and I have a great time tormenting you all, and we will do more contests in the future! So lets get the party started...Saturday the 26th.....the time remains a mystery! Check back often!


Last edited by mschn99; 08-26-2006 at 06:00 AM.
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Old 08-25-2006, 08:39 PM

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all entries have been checked, and the list has been updated acordigly. There were a couple changes, so check the list again!!!
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