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Ford Atlas Concept Previews Next-Gen F-Series

Trying to steal some eyes from the General’s new half-tons, Ford rolled out a new truck concept today in Detroit called the Atlas, which showcases some new innovation coming to the next generation of Ford’s pickup trucks.

Although no power train details were divulged, a new-generation of EcoBoost engine is promised, which will feature stop-start technology for improved fuel economy. Improved aerodynamics will also be fighting on the fuel economy front, as the Atlas features active grille shutters, active wheel shutters, a drop-down front-air dam and power running boards. The active wheel shutters hide themselves when the trucks are at low speeds for style, but they emerge from behind the wheels at highway speeds to improve the airflow.

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Slimline 01-15-2013 01:48 PM

Oddly my first glance at it made me think Dodge, not Ford. I am not sure I like it very much.

kendallcschm 01-15-2013 01:54 PM

its alright.. ford is worrying about aerodynamics too much.. its a pickup truck.. its gonna be like a brick.. this thing reminds me of the tundra... and i HATE the look of the tundra

AlwaysStrokin' 01-15-2013 09:12 PM

I thought it was a dodge too. Pretty ugly grille if you ask me.

Jarrod B 01-16-2013 02:16 AM

I like how it looks like a dodge truck LOL

6.0f250firstcar 01-16-2013 03:14 AM

I like how Ford did this to take the spotlight away from GM.:hehe:

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7.3PwrHse 01-16-2013 04:00 AM

So like you all, I thought it looked Dodge-ish too. Showed it to the wife, "Toyota" lol. Ford, you screwed up

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AgTires4295 01-16-2013 04:47 AM

Yup... Dodge/Tundra hybrid.

Jarrod B 01-16-2013 05:38 AM


Originally Posted by 7.3PwrHse (Post 3601545)
So like you all, I thought it looked Dodge-ish too. Showed it to the wife, "Toyota" lol. Ford, you screwed up

Sent from my Milestone X2

IMO it looks good. But the same time I'm ok with dodge haha

Jarrod B 01-16-2013 05:53 AM

Now the question is when the sd gets a change or this update.

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