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Do you Walk the line?

The line between Democrats and Republicans is a very very thin line and it becomes increasingly thinner each year...
I offer up the following "Critical" policy information to all of you..
Figure out which you agree with and then you can really decide if you're a Republican, Democrat, or something entirely different.

Do you support indefinitely detaining (military style lockup) of any US Citizen who is suspected of being a terrorist?
Democrats=Yes Republican=Yes Libertarian=No
Do you support the unlawful execution (assassination) of US citizens?
Democrats=Yes Republicans=Yes Libertarian=No
Do you support the welfare system for foreign countries?
Democrats=Yes Republicans=Yes Libertarian=No
Do you support the bombing of innocent civilians abroad, killing thousands of innocents in the hopes of getting 2 or 3 terrorists, thereby creating 10 new terrorists for every one killed?
Democrats=Yes Republicans=Yes Libertarians=No
Do you agree with selling out your children's children's children to amass new debt to benefit the Lobbyists and their corporations?
Democrats=Yes Republicans=Yes Libertarians=No
Do you believe in the destruction of the US Constitution by way of wiretaps, illegal seizures, illegal home invasions, illegal blockades, illegal checkpoints and illegal use of force?
Democrats=Yes Republicans=Yes Libertarians=No
Do you believe in forcing others to live the lifestyle you believe to be right, good and moral?
Democrats=Yes Republicans=Yes Libertarians=No
Do you believe people should be responsible for their own lives and actions, allow them to do what ever they want to themselves provided the do not infringe on the rights of any other Citizen of this country?
Democrats=No Republicans=No Libertarians=Yes.

What this boils down to is the fundamental idea that we are no longer Republicans and were probably never Democrats, but instead we are free thinking Americans who can only come as close to a classification as Libertarian.
There are many things you may not agree with the Libertarian party on, as I'm in the same boat, but are those worth the demise of this nation?

Let's use Abortion as a prime example. Women say it's their right to choose what happens with their reproductive organs, but no one is getting them removed, no tubes being tied so to speak. Instead they take the life of another. I say if they have that right then I have the right to sell my own kidney. This can't be though, because big-pharma would have a fit.

The problem with outlawing abortion, though, is that it will create a blackmarket for it. A black Market that will be dangerously unsterile and will likely spread disease like wildfire.
The same can be said about drugs. I have never taken any illegal substance in my life. I don't smoke, don't drink and have no intentions of doing any of those 3. However. If I wanted to wouldn't it make sense to just let me go to a store, pay a large sum for the drugs, tax the crap out of them and provide a support pamphlet aimed to educate me on the consequences of addiction rather than having me go to some dude on a street corner selling the junk? The black market makes the lifestyle of selling narcotics dangerous, the surrounding areas of those sales dangerous and the drugs themselves dangerous. If you don't believe me go figure out how Meth came about and you'll learn that this was just a way around the drug trafficing problem with coccain and crack.
Prostitution is another fine example of how outlawing something creates a dangerous black market. Germany allows prostitution, but you have to get a license and you have to get regular health screenings. All this makes it a clean profession and since it's clean and legal there is no worries of pimps beating their women. Instead they manage their own affairs in a clean professional way. Much like Innara Serra in Firefly (best TV show ever by the way)...

Do I care if someone 5 miles from is doing meth? not really, provided they're not contaminating anything and not trying to illegally sell to my family. Do I care if my kids can go to a specialty store and purchase crack? Absolutely not. If they want crack they want crack. I'd rather they get a clean regulated safe form of crack in a certain quantity with instructions and a guide for the dangers than meet up with some punk who could potentially shoot them and take their money, or sell them some form of crack with draino in it. Instead of worrying about them getting crack I spend my time focusing on teaching them why they don't want it instead. If they have no desire to even try crack, pot or anything else, then my fears of them obtaining it are minimized and the chances of them being affected by the violence associated are reduced as well. Instead we get rival dealers in our neighborhoods and innocent victims get shot during random drive-by shootings.

I'm a moral man, with a great moral compass, but no one forced that morality upon me. I learned it from my family and from the teachings at my church and old catholic school. You CANNOT force people to be moral.

There is so much more I could go on to say, but the point is this. Look at your life and look how you live it. Should certain things be legal would it change the way you lived?
Should certain things become illegal would it make you become a criminal? What if the government said no more caffine.. It's an illegal substance.. I think I'd be talking to Jose on the street corner to hook me up with some fine packets of Colombian coffee..
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Interesting post, but there's an easier way... it's the Nolan Chart... take a short, 10 question survey, and see where you land on the diamond in the chart. It's actually a very resourceful site, wherever you land, there are links to sites that correlate to your score.. let me know what you think: Survey - Nolan Chart Have a great weekend....

BTW, I scored in the central upper part, just outside the square.. and am leaning strongly libertarian, although I consider myself conservative...
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MightyMouse75 (03-04-2014)
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I grew up in a Republican household and my family was part of the "Reagan Revolution." I was not old enough to vote for him the first time (1980), but was eager & excited to cast my ballot for the GOP in most every election from 1984 onward. I wanted a strong military, lower taxes and fewer regulations -- and was a staunch supporter of our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

I always leaned "pro-choice" on abortion rights and was kind of ambivalent on some other social issues, so the (perceived) fiscal restraint and pro-military stuff made me lean towards the elephants over the donkeys. I had not yet heard of the Libertarian Party at that time. In 1992, I voted for G. H. Bush by default (to carry on the Reagan legacy), but was disappointed. 1996 gave us Bob Dole (really?) and Clinton played the GOP-majority Congress like a fiddle much of the time. The GOP also lost a lot of 'cred' with me when they failed to stick with their promises to reduce the size of government.

I learned about the Libertarian Party when I got Internet access in 1997 and have not looked back since. I have always been to the right on the political scale, but had trouble with the "moral crusade" by so many in the GOP. The Republican Party had been hijacked by a bunch of statist, empire-building neocons on one side and authoritarian religious nuts on the other.

It seemed as though there were no TRUE conservatives left in the party, at least at the national level. Our state GOP had gone in the same direction as well. With few exceptions, our state-level Republicans sought to grow government, hike spending and raise our taxes -- much like Democrat Lite.

While I am not ideologically pure, I found that the Libertarian Party offers a 'home' for those of us who wish to keep Democrats out of our wallets and Republicans out of our bedrooms. They are far from 'perfect', of course, but seem to understand the proper role of government -- and at what LEVEL it should operate (local, state, federal) within the US Constitution. The Libertarians also understand the Bill of Rights - a lost idea of the Republicrats.

P.S. I am self-described as a liberty-minded conservative. I am extremely fiscally conservative, yet am socially tolerant. I may have conservative blood in my veins, but it is pumped by a libertarian (small "L") heart.

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MightyMouse75 (03-04-2014)
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Sadly Im starting to wonder if its not all a big scam. The guys NEVER do what they say the are gonna do. It seems they forget what needs to be done once they get elected. The government is starting to know what we need more that we do. Heck half the time the welfare people seem to be the smart ones. Why work? The president just lies at will and NOBODY calls him on it. Im starting to thinK American is not one country anymore. You got the East coast and the West coast "city" people and then the normal people in the middle.
I hope who ever gets elected next can restore my faith in the system. I just hope its someone male or female that has a back bone. Cause right now WE ARE PUTINS BEEHOCH!
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