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gas prices/refinancing/taxes

okay sorry for this topic it's not all about politics, but it ties in so i figure it would be best for here.

so for over 6 months now my wife, and i have been split. i caught her talking with a guy i considered a friend, and found it they were physically involved, and she picked him over me, so she got a place with him, because he was married, and cheating on his wife with her. not looking for sympathy or anything just explaining my situation. this year in 2011 i will be filing single on my taxes. now that i am filing single i have the privlige of paying about 85 bucks more a paycheck to the federal government because i am single now. we will be legally separated within the next month so i am going ahead, and filing single now to start off the new year. that is the first dilemma i am having. right now i am only working 3 weeks a month which works out very well. i still need to do my own work on the side for my own business, but it works out great. i have to commute almost 200 miles a day, but it's only 3 weeks a month, and all my benefits are back, and i am still left with more money in my pocket working 3 weeks a month than 4 weeks, and having to pay for cobra benefits. of course i wouldn't mind working 4 weeks a month if they put me on a job site a little closer.

they say gas is going to 4 bucks a gallon this year. this summer. i went to fill up my truck the other night they wanted $3.45 a gallon for diesel. i was real low, and just put 4 gallons in. in jersey they got it for only $3.15 a gallon so i usually fill up there, because it's on my way to work. i spend about $600 bucks a month on gas/diesel commuting to work. i can write off my truck, because i primarily use it for my own business, but it's still a lot.

now sorry for the long topic, but i would like a take on this from others as far as refinancing goes rather than get swindled by a lender. i have refinanced on my house before. about 5 years ago i bought a house further upstate which i planned to move to once i sold the house i am in now. i borrowed $50k grand on it to buy that, but we weren't able to sell the house i am in now, and it took 2 years just to sell the other house. when we sold it i was able to pay off my second mortgage on this house, and had a nice profit. so what i did was took out a second mortgage, and just paid it monthly. what i am saying is that i didn't refinance for lower payments which is what i'm considering now. any advice on that?

the reason i made this was because i am probably gonna be losing almost $500 bucks a month to federal taxes between my own business, and my full time job. i'm probably gonna be losing almost what i pay in gas/diesel costs a month, and the prices of fuel are going up, so i gotta do something here. if business slows down i might not be able to afford to pay over $1400 a month which is what i pay with my mortgage/taxes/insurance. 400-500 bucks a month is a lot of money. between car insurance, electric, cable, phone, internet, and water i pay close to $500 or more a month. it costs me almost that to commute a month, it costs me that much to eat every month for me, and my son. so it's a big hit. at the same time i don't wanna be paying for this house until i'm 70, and may not be able to work anymore. after selling the home i bought that we planned to moved to if we ever sold this house, i used a lot of the profit to pay off a lot of my balance for this house. it shouldn't have been paid off until 2032, but now i think at this rate it should be paid off within 14 years from now.

sorry for the long post. just a regular guy here looking for some advice on refinancing for a better rate, and if anyone has experience with it. also wouldn't mind hearing opinions on the gas prices, and maybe those of you who were married who became divorced or separated, and felt a huge hit on taxes. thanks a lot for the time to read this.

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I'm no expert on the financing part, but you need to get clear of the ex before you do anything. There will be community property to deal with before you sink another dime into the mix.

PSD- yea, I finally got one.

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Definately do NOTHING til the ex is out of the picture,you say 1 month til separation,that's not divorce-way different animal.

I would talk to an accountant before even filing single,or selling any thing.

These people know the system and can better advise you on this part

And maybe get you a better break on taxes

Gas prices-well thank the Fed on that! If these bozo's would stop printing money out of thin air,the value of the dollar will go up.

Oil is only bought in US dollars only,nothing else,so if the dollar was worth a dollar--oil would only be 30-40 bucks a barrel at worst case-which will be about $2 bucks a gallon or less-depending on federal and state taxes which ='s BS!

Example-when oil peaked,it was $147 a barrel,gas was $4.00/gallon (2008)

Oil @ $75/barrel-should be $2/gallon

Oil @ $37/barrel-$1/gallon

See how this is lop-sided? Look at those taxes/gallon-or major price profiting
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thanks for all that. we have discussed it for a while now, and she has agreed to let me keep the house, and if i ever sell i can keep the whole profit. she never paid any bills around here aside from the first year, and a half we lived here before our son was born. she didn't work from the time he was a born in 2003 until early last year. i paid for everything including spoiling her. she said she would cooperate, and give me complete control of the house. when she moved out i let her take everything, and anything i had no use for. i let her take her car that i had made the payments on the first 6 months with no questions asked. i'm not being bitter, and vindictive about it. we owned one house before this which was before we were married that we lived in for over 2 years, and we both split the bills then. we already have a good thing going where i got our son the first few days of the week, and she gets him the rest of the week. if she has plans or i have plans it's usually not a problem for us to take him that day or night. when i have him i pay a girl across the street to babysit him, and put him on the bus, and get him from the bus. she has been very helpful with that.

now of course none of this is legal, and in writing, and i trust the ex about as much as i trust a politician. though she seems like she will comply, but who knows? i can't relax until everything is legal. if the chance ever presents itself that i can sell this house which it's not on the market currently. been there done that twice already. though if the opportunity comes i may not even buy another house. at least not for a while. i think i would rent closer to work back where i'm from in jersey. i would use the money to put away for my son for his future. if he decides to go to college or whatever. i may use some of the money to play or buy some toys, and definitely buy a new car cause my corolla isn't gonna last long. maybe buy another computer cause this one is starting to give me problems! i don't think i will be selling though at this time either way it goes.

it took me a while to figure out, but all this inflation of food, gas, and pretty much everything even though the current inflation rate is 1.2% or something is because of a weak dollar. prices go up, but technically there is no inflation there is just deflation of the dollar. whenever i ***** about taxes people defend it by saying we are paying the same amount of taxes now as we have been since 03. they're right, but the more i make the more money i start to notice missing. i can't believe the amount of taxes lost in small low salary paychecks like my best friends. if he makes $500 a week he loses over $100 bucks in taxes!

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