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funny liberal facebook thread......

Minnesota Governor's Race: Mark Dayton Wins as Republican Concedes
www.politicsdaily.comDayton, a one-term member of the Senate earlier in the decade, prevailed even though he called for an increase in Minnesota's state income tax.

Yesterday at 12:38pm LikeUnlike Comment Share

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    • Scott Or Amy Como ya taxes, that will fix everything!Yesterday at 12:55pm LikeUnlike
    • Brian Yackel Remember Scott, Times rated him one of the worst governers...wait...thats bad?Yesterday at 5:29pm UnlikeLike 1 personLoading...
    • Brian Yackel What America needs is more people dependant on government hand outs and higher taxes. Man im bad at this, thats wrong too... Less government dependencies, no more outrageous spending, lower taxes (more job creation), and less of government trying to tell us what we should do. Period.Yesterday at 5:34pm UnlikeLike 1 personLoading...
    • Scott Or Amy Como its amazes me people ***** about taxes and what not but vote for people who only think of ways to find new taxes.....Yesterday at 5:38pm LikeUnlike
    • Craig Dolney At least Dayton believes in paying restaurant servers and enforcing drunk driving statutes! A win is a win. Good has triumphed over evil this day! Thanks for the post Max!Yesterday at 5:48pm LikeUnlike
    • Brian Yackel Hey Craig, might want to check all your facts... Corporate-Labor Smackdown in Minnesota | FactCheck.orgYesterday at 5:56pm LikeUnlike
    • Scott Or Amy Como sounds like raising the price of restaurant food and more money for the state........... weird win win not so much.Yesterday at 6:06pm LikeUnlike
    • Craig Dolney Wow. I stand corrected. Wait. No, I don't. I said that DAYTON believes in paying restaurant servers and enforcing drunk driving statutes! This is all true. Brian, you were the first to bring the twice DUI'd Emmer into this. Read the... posts carefully before you respond please.

      I can, at least, respect Emmer a tiny bit for not going the Coleman route and dragging this out forever though. GO BIG BLUE!See More
      Yesterday at 6:08pm LikeUnlike
    • Brian Yackel ‎"At least Dyaton..." That obviously implies that Emmer doesn't. Yesterday at 6:11pm LikeUnlike
    • Craig Dolney So in order for restaurant food prices to stay down, we shouldn't have to pay the people who serve it minimum wage? The average server has to hold more than one job just to maintain a paltry existence and it should be ok to pay them less so the owners of the business can save money? Really? Do you actually think the average restaurant owner would put all the money they save into lowering food costs? That is an insane pipe dream. It would have only hurt the little guy.Yesterday at 6:13pm LikeUnlike
    • Brian Yackel Twice DUI'd, how long ago?! Exactly, people make mistakes...but I'm sure you are perfect...Yesterday at 6:14pm LikeUnlike
    • Brian Yackel Come on man, you know how much money servers take home in tips that AREN'T taxed?! Don't play dumb.Yesterday at 6:17pm LikeUnlike
    • Craig Dolney I have never driven drunk, that is for sure. So, yeah, in that category I am perfect.Yesterday at 6:17pm LikeUnlike
    • Jennifer Hutterer Actually, due to the MAJOR increase in people using debit/credit cards to pay for their meals and using that to tip servers, they don't get that hidden tax break as much as they used to since their tips can now be tracked electronically...p...lus, they are required to claim 8% of their income as the minimum assumed tip intake. The average waiter in MN makes approx $11,400/year.

      A restaurant owner should automatically assume the MAXIMUM $250/week price (+taxes) to pay a person to wait tables, that's not much compared to what most employers have to pay their employees....could you live on $250/week if you didn't make much in tips that week?See More
      22 hours ago LikeUnlike 1 personLoading...
    • Craig S Bleeker Tax breaks for Yackel = 0% (unless you have 5 more jobs in addition to your current one). Reduction in taxes for non yackels over the last 55 years = 50% Based on this Delta, thinking that you're going to get a tax break any time soon: wishful21 hours ago LikeUnlike 1 personLoading...
    • Scott Or Amy Como jennifer, they choose to do that for a job, most are part time younger people. if they dont like the job they dont have to work there.20 hours ago LikeUnlike
    • Max Sando And if they choose a job other then the ones I say they shouldn't make a decent wage. Furthermore they should not be able to stand up for themselves and fight to make a decent wage.20 hours ago LikeUnlike 2 peopleLoading...
    • Scott Or Amy Como if they are a good waiter/waitress they will make good money.20 hours ago LikeUnlike
    • Craig Dolney Wait, so just because they are young people or because they chose it, they should not even get a decent base wage? Take your silver spoon out of your mouth for a second and consider someone other than yourself. How would you feel if, all ...of a sudden, your boss was given the freedom to just pay you on commission and drop your salary to nothing? That isn't what you were hired for was it? However, according to you, because you CHOSE that job, you shouldn't have any recourse other than quitting.

      And really, your last comment just makes you sound ignorant. A person can be the best waitperson in the world, but they are still dependent on the charity of strangers for their livelihood. Even if their service is outstanding, there are customers that do not tip as a rule, or penalize the server for things beyond their control, such as the quality and accuracy of their food from the kitchen. Also, if you had ever worked as a server, you would also know that in most places, servers MUST share tips with other employees that do not directly make tips such as bussers and hosts.

      Even if they didn't have to claim their tips as taxable, without a pittance of a base salary, the average server would be even further below the poverty line than they already are. Considering Yackel's first comment, he doesn't want people on government assistance, but you want to take the people who ARE trying to make a living and CUT their wages. Really? A three year old could poke holes in your "logic".See More
      20 hours ago LikeUnlike 1 personLoading...
    • Craig S Bleeker Stop thinking,

      You owe everything you've become to our system and our way of life. Without it, you'd be nothing. It is the OPPORTUNITY of america that draws people to its shores, not your offer of jobs. you are a biproduct of our wonderfu...l system, not the result.See More
      19 hours ago LikeUnlike
    • Scott Or Amy Como well craig i can see you have no understanding of money or how business works so, i guess u win. then ends justify the means with you liberals no matter how many people you hurt.......42 minutes ago LikeUnlike
    • Craig Dolney True. We should only hurt the lower class right? Those people obviously don't matter. The economic crisis should only affect the people who have no voice huh? According to you, having understanding of money and business means that we mus...t crush the little people. I proudly bear the name liberal and wear it as a badge of honor. You in the GO"me" party can only think about yourselves and what your betters tell you to think. So yeah. I do win.

      Someone you may have heard of used to say, "I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least among you, you did not do for me." Matthew 25:41-45. You Republicans call yourselves the moral party yet you will only help others if it somehow helps you. Your lack of empathy for people below your tax bracket, is what is wrong with this country.See More
      15 minutes ago LikeUnlike
    • Scott Or Amy Como please................if it wasn't for all the Higher tax bracket people WORKING not mooching you'd have no money to give the lower class. who are you to decide where my money goes.......about a minute ago Like

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