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The Three Finalist Are?!?!

Well after reading all of the stories time after time we all were wishing we could pick 10-15 instead of three. But after voting and narrowing it down here are our choices:


You guys have been chosen to compete for the final prizes which are:
Winner- The winner of this contest will receive a total solution WITHOUT ARP Head Studs.
2nd Place- 2nd place will be rewarded with an EGR delete kit with up-pipe and an intake gasket set.
3rd Place- 3rd place will be rewarded with a BASIC EGR delete kit.

Below are the stories, here is how I want the voting to work. You should post the username of the stroker you feel should win. Help the guy whose story you like the best win! Here we go:

My story…

I have a 2007 F250 CCSB 4x4. This was my first diesel truck. Even though she was not new when bought, I feel she is the perfect truck for me.

I had always dreamed of owning a diesel since my uncle gave me a ride in his old Chevy smoker. Unfortunately, it was never in the cards for me. After high-school I got my first job, I joined the Army, and was promptly sent to Germany. This complicated things a bit, as it was difficult to save money for a diesel truck as a Private in the Army, not to mention, the wonderful nectar of the gods, beer. Still I hoped. While in Germany I found the love of my life and got married. Best mod ever.

After a couple of deployments to play Soldier I finally returned to the States in 2005. Upon arriving the first thing my wife and I did was go look at trucks, even before we found a house to rent. WOW, at the prices of brand new diesels. I couldn’t believe they were so darn expensive. Well, with that out of the question we went the gasser route. This served us for what we needed at the time, though it was not the most desirable. We made a couple of bad decisions, Dodge and Chevy, on choices of vehicles with one good one, a 2007 F150, mixed in between. Factor in a couple more sight-seeing trips, one to the sand box and one to the mountains, and getting a diesel seemed to keep getting farther and farther away.

Then came the move to Hell. The Army in all its great wisdom decided that Ft Polk, LA was the most wonderful place in the world and moved me there. Just in time for round 5 of the fight, YAH! Well, being that my wife had firmly entrenched herself in her job and the fact that we had bought a house at Ft Hood it was decided that we would get a RV for me to live in at Ft Polk. One month later and as I am struggling to drag a travel trailer through the heart of Texas into Louisiana I am simultaneously praying that I have a gas station coming up soon. It sure was difficult, emotionally wise, to calculate the gallons per mile that I got out of my X-Cab Silverado on that trip.

About halfway through the latest all expenses paid vacation I came home for R&R where it was decided that after my trip was over my wife would quit her job and move to Louisiana with me. Boy is she a glutton for punishment. We also talked about the possibility of completing a preggo’s mod. This really made a diesel seem like it would never happen. Somewhere in the last few months my wife decided to get a little sneaky, and smart at the same time, and got rid of the Silverado for…wait for it…a diesel!

She found an awesome F250 that was in great shape mechanically and cosmetically, with a little help from a member here on the forum. So she promptly dumped the Silverado and enthusiastically drove home in our first diesel. Yep, she went out on her own and bought me my dream truck. What a great woman!

Now, what to do the truck. First she needed a name, christen her Dizzie Da Dizzle. Why you ask? Because triple Ds are WAAAAAYYYY better than double Ds. So far not much has been done to modify her. We are trying to start small and focus on things that will increase her life span or are functional. We have gotten the necessary fuel upgrades and an Edge Insight to keep track of everything. There are huge plans to bullet-proof her and make her the best darn diesel we can. These include EGR delete, exhaust, tuner, leveling kit, studs, coolers, turbo, injectors, Line-X and all the cool little gadgets that go with the Edge Insight.

As a huge thank you to my wife, who is a HUGE wine person, we have planned an early summer trip across the country to California, to visit the wineries out there. As long as we make the requisite stop at the Grand Canyon, so I can ride around on a donkey. Towing our travel trailer through the desert is not exactly going to be easy on Dizzie but, I know she will be up to the task. This is a big reason, in my mind, to make sure she is bullet-proof, so that I can give this trip to my wife as a way to say thank you for always being there and supporting me through all the bullsh*t of military life.

These are all necessary, to me at least, because I plan to drive her till she falls apart. Hopefully with all the upgrades, accessories and bullet-proofing that will be a long way away. My hope is, when we do have kids, to get them hooked on trucks and diesels by working on her with me. Then, once they are old enough to hand over the keys and let it be their first vehicle.

So, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Story LKendall:
heres my story.. my first truck was a f150 that i had done all the mods to.. It was a great truck. However one of my good friends dads had a 04' Harley Davidson f250 with a four inch lift and 35's with tint, it was the envy of our town. About a year ago him and his wife got a divorce, and she took him for everything and the truck was next.. So you guessed it, I got the hookup on the truck( which made me broke) I had someone offer me 180 for the grill so I sold it and bought a replacement for 60$ just to make 120$ haha.. I had to sell my truck to get it but it was my dream truck. A year later here I am, detailing it every chance I can and being as gentle as I can while driving it while still having fun due to all of these horror stories. And being a full time College student starting a company im doing my best to invest my money where I can get the best returns.. And my parents don't think its into my truck. My company is a landscape and construction company. Im having a 18ft enclosed trailer built for me to match the orange and black colors of my truck, my logo resembles that of the harley davidson symbol.. So its a matching black and orange mobile billboard! While hopefully looking very professional ill be gaining business by using this setup.. And I could really use this opportunity to bulletproof my truck so that i'm able to pull my trailer for many years to come without problems..Allowing me to invest my money more wisely.. I feel that if one of these items were to break now, it would be the end to my business before it really has a chance to get off the ground..Thanks for reading guys!!

Story Scubadiver:
Well figure I will throw my story into this.

Dec 2010 I was driving home from work at 9am on a major hwy in Dallas. A drunk driver who was in the far left lane missed his exit and attempted to make it. I was in the far right lane. He t-boned my old suv. The result ended me rolling 3 times on the hwy and another few times down the steep ditch. Car was totaled I was sent to the hospital for a few days. Luckily I was wearing my seat belt as I always tell people to and in the end im sure it saved my life. As luck would have it the other driver was drunk, here in the country illegally, no dl, and no insurance.

My insurance paid off my old vehicle. I decided that I really wanted a diesel this go around and because of the roll over I was not about to get another suv. So I started looking. But, I only had 15K to spend which really limits getting a nice truck. Hospital bills are insanely expensive. I looked at several older dodges and fords but, they all seemed beat to hell. Then one day I drove by the ford dealer, they had this nice looking 04 PS sitting there. I figured it was way out of my price range but figured what the heck ill take a look.

When I looked at it, I could not believe the condition. It looked brand new inside and out, no trailer hitches' bed didn't have a single scratch in it. It really was a new used vehicle. As expected the sales man comes out and starts his lines. Tells me the truck has 70k on it and they have it marked down to 22k. I drove it around for a few min and fell in love with it. It really seemed like the truck an 70 year old man had to just drive on the hwy. Well start talking to the salesman and tell him I really only can spend 15 on the truck. Course he says no way and starts trying to get me to finance more. I stick to my ground. Well the topic comes up of what I do for a living. I tell him I am a police officer. Well turns out the head manager of the ford dealership is a retired police officer. So he runs and gets him. I talk to the manager for a while and explain my finance situation. He leaves the office to get the paper work on the truck. Well they paid 16k on trade in on the truck. He comes up to me and says "I always said I would help a old brother in blue and im not going to stop today. Ill do 15K out the door for you and just make the money up else were today." After taxes and other stuff the price of the truck was less than 14k. I sat in shock and signed a check for 15K and walked out the happy owner of my own PS diesel.

My truck right now is mainly used for taking my dirt bike out to tracks to play and for hunting. Also for my 10 mile drive to work. I am hoping in the next few years to save some money up to buy a 5th wheel camper which is the main reason I really wanted this diesel. But, with budget cuts its gonna be at least 3 years before I do this. I just want to make my truck last long enough to have something for it to pull and be reliable. I have recently been having some problems with my truck not running correctly so I am at this time piecing together the parts to ensure it last.


Good luck, it's your job to recruit and get the votes! Tell your friends they have to come to our section of the forum and vote for you to win!!!!!

We will cut the contest off October 28th! Let the voting begin!

-Matt H

Performance Machine & MFG.
Manufacturers of High Quality EGR Delete Kits for 6.0L, 6.4L, & 6.7L Powerstroke Diesels
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What u talkin bout willis

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bummer I didn't make the final three.... Good luck to you three.

2005 F-250
Tuned by Innovative
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You were so close. Aren't you going to vote for one of the three finalist?

-Matt H

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Performance Machine & MFG.
Manufacturers of High Quality EGR Delete Kits for 6.0L, 6.4L, & 6.7L Powerstroke Diesels
Toll-free: 877-408-3256

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Even though I didn't get picked, I feel like my vote should go to IRNFST. Guy fought for our freedom. He deserves to be rewarded, IMO.
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Subscribed. I will have to think about who I am voting for.

Project Frankenstein

1997 Ford F-350, Dually conversion, Cobra 29 LX CB, 12000 watt converter, All LED lights, TW tunes, 4" DP, Napa Intake, coolant filter, 140cc Injectors and lots of running lights.

Originally Posted by XPLOSIV View Post
Thanks. I'll give er a good wackin in the morning.
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Was hoping to make it, but these guys probably deserve it more than I do anyway.

I'm jumping on the IRNFST bandwagon.

2005 F250 4x4 King Ranch 6.0
Two tone removed, Quad Captains, High idle mod
Edge Insight CS w/ EGT, fuel PSI, and turbo timer
4" turbo back straight pipe, Dieselsite coolant filter
BPD FICM, '03 turbo, IPR gen2 delete, Zerex ELC
Goodyear Duratracs, Tuned by Matt@Gearhead
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Thank you for your service!

Matt, thanks for running a fun contest.

Tuned, Deleted, Filtered, Monitored...all the usual stuff.
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Here is the truck that im trying to bullet proof for my business.. Just got the trailer and hoping to get the graphics done in the same orange color...

2004 Harley Davidson 6.0 supercrew
-4 inch mbrp turbo back exhaust with cat delete
-4 inch suspension
-35x12.50r18 terra grapplers
-stock 18 inch Harley rims
-15%tint all around
-2 ten inch Sony x-plods
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Just wanted to say thank you so much to Performance Machine & MFG. I have been having issues with my truck had ordered an EGR kit but returned it do to not being what I wanted. So this is awesome. I have my truck already apart right now, just installed a new oil cooler, so it will stay apart to see what else I shall change out.

And lkendall that is a good looking setup.

2005 F350 KR FX4
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