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99dieselsmoke 07-10-2008 06:16 AM

Tan leather now leopard print!
First off, i now I've been gone for a while now and I'm back. Well, the other day, i was just cruising along going about 55 with the cruise set, just minding my own business:popcorn2: and out of no where this chrysler convertible comes fling up on my bumper. I swear if I would have just let off the go go pedal, he would have rear ended me. So I let it go for about a mile and he just wouldn't back off. By this time I'm starting to get irate. Well, low and behold, there's a nice long stretch of an uphill grade about a half mile long and i sieze the oppertunity to let him have it. I've got my truck set on street smoke by the way:hehe: So I just slow down to about 45 where my truck likes to stay in over drive and I lug my truck hard to where it's rolling nice, solid black coal right into his nice clean tan leather interior. I do so until the smoke clears right around 70mph to a nice haze. But the a magical thing happened. He backed off. WOW! This is the first guy to do so since I installed my stacks a week ago. Sorry for the long post but I'M BACK!!!!!!

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