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Destruction of a v6 Mustang.....:D - LONG

I know, not worth the diesel but I just couldn't resist, for I have yet to have ANY mustang at an open light NOT try to race no matter what Im driving even if Im riding a Mountain Bike! LOL!

Anyhoo, so there I was with the girlfriend driving back to her place after enjoying a very nice dinner and 2 hour cruise aboot the bay of sarasota and Lido Key. Im driving the F250, which now has a PIMP sounding exhaust - a rumbling big block with the whine of a jet!

The night air was relatively calm and cool and with a forboding grin I fired my beast up, for the hunt of my unsuspecting prey was about to ensue! [elmer fudd voice] "Be vaaawy vaaawy quiet, Im huntin fow ricers!"

And with a forshadowing, unearthly rumble, my stock programed truck generated made a cloud of diesel as I powered through a lefthand turn and "accidentally" smoked out (and made deaf) some lady in an Audi Convertable. Despite my girlfriend's and I's mirth, the Audi driver was not pleased with my shenanigans. (So how did that happen stock programming and all?)

So I relegated the throttle peddle to only light duty, and lift the iron weight that is my right foot! And for mile after mile, drive at a veritable crawl behind the old fogies that seem to over populate my state. They seem to have this affliction of doing 10 to 15mph under the limit, side by side occluding all traffic for miles on end, completely oblivious to anything else around them. Reason why we need yearly driver's license, vision, and competancy testing yearly before they get behind the wheel! After having been subject to this for some time, one of the living fossils finally makes a right hand turn. Which, mind you, constitutes slowing down to 10mph for a full 10 miles before their turn, then to make their "monstrosity" of a cadilac make the WIDE, LAZY turn they have to swing wide and go into the other lane! After all 25' of clearance on both sides is just not enough!....

Having felt that my perpeutal annoyance being trapped behind the fossils had payed up my Karma, it felt great to hammer the throttle! After doing so a few times and scaring some of the other fossils with the noise, I went back to driving normally. And as luck would have it, 5 minutes later, Im rolling up to cattleman road on bee ridge and the light is open and JUST turned! Im in the far right and on my immediate left is the 'vert, v6, mustang!

Now some background: This light is HUGE. My section and direction (eastbound facing I75) has 7 lanes! 2 right hand turn lanes, 4 straight ahead lanes, and 1 left hand turn lane. The far right turn lane (the one I'm in) goes through the intersection, then peels off to head south bound. The lane the mustang is in, to my left goes under I75, then does a clover leaf and heads north bound on I75. The other 2 head straight... Anyhow it is not uncommon to be in my lane and have people in other lanes try get the hole shot on you, cut you off, and head onto I75 southbound nice and slow in a feeble attempt to casue a wreck as they all want to merge onto the highway doing 30 mph. After my run in with the fossils earler, Im NOT letting this happen again....

As Im rolling up to the light Im not entirely sure I want to race. The beast, while cool sounding has stock programming and has lost some bottom end power. Im driving with my future wife, and this truck is a LONG LONG way from being paid off... But just to be on the safe side, a dash light reading "4x4 High" somehow popped on! When I get along side the 'stang I look over and my gaze is met by a rather *ahem* rotund individual in the passenger seat. I raise a speculative eyebrow and nod as if to say nice car. (Which it was a very nice looking stang.) At this point in time the 'stang would have been safe....however the big guy whom I made eye contact with said something to the driver and started laughing, obviously insinuating my rig to be slow.

So I waited and stewed. I said to my girlfriend, "sweetie hold on" as I simultaneously removed all of the objects from the dash. Finally after an eternity of waiting, a veritable 10 years of waiting, our side get the lead green! The lead green was met with my powerbraking. I only allowed it to build 10psi while the turn lanes were green, then when it goes yellow, I floor the gas and attempt to do the same to the brake. The mustang also began to power brake but that was barely audible over my exhaust! And as boost and rpm gain, the building energy is met with equal enthusiasm with my adrenal gland's activity, for the truck was virtually alive and shaking with energy anticipating the launch. After what seemed another year of waiting for the green and listenting to the beastly roar of 364ci combined with the unearthly sound of really pissed off jet, the light went green.

And with astute deftness I released the brake and allowed the accellerator to travel that last 1/2" to its great friend, the floor board. The violence of the launch was, as usual, extremely harsh, for over 450ftlbs of rwtq were transferred to the ground from a dead stop. My gf was leaning forward and from the corner of my eye, I see her get pulled back into the seat HARD.

To say I stomped a mud hole in the mustang would be a gross understatement, as the gap my truck opened, could have contained an 18 wheeler with its 53' trailer! At the end of doing this, Im doing about 75mph or so and safely on the I75 turn ramp, I throw it in neutral switcht to 2wd, then toss it back into gear all the while getting on the brakes for the sharp turn. Once on the I75 straight away I floor it and merge up and begin the drive to her house. Its only then that I realize that not only am I out of breath, my hands were shaking! Ahh good ole norepinepherine from the adrenals!

I then look over at my girl who is neither smiling nor scowling. I ask,
"Are you ok?"
'Yes of course why?'
"You do know I just sucked the doors off of a mustang right?"
'No! You were racing someone back there?!'
"Yuppers! "

She just smiles.

I then ask,
"So how did you like that launch when the light turned green?" Knowing full well she got slammed into the seat when the truck launched.
'It was AWSOME!'

F250 - 1, mustangs everywhere - 0

'06 F250 CC Powerstroke
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your killing me brother all tha to tell me you beat a stang..LOL J/K good reading..oh by the way good kill

2006 GMC Sierre 2500HD CC SB 63 Billet VVT, 20% Nzls, Stroker Cp3, EFI'd by Me, Built Trans, lots of air flow upgrades
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LOL i was thinking the same things all this writing for a V-6 Mustang? But yah it is fun to beat up on Stangs, I know im a Converted mustang guy myself.

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the Marines can. They are the same
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What can I say, its my first kill using the new exhaust and was quite pumped up about it!

'06 F250 CC Powerstroke
4" MBRP Turbo Back (newest member to the hissing jet club!)
Deleted Kitty
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'90 Toyota 4Runner
Way too many mods to list..
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That was a freaking Novel!!! But I did like the way you built up the suspense and all the big words Good Kill man!
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Hahaha, can't wait for the next issue Bump, great story.



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Been a mod longer than TJ hahaha
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