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Got my first truck... stolen in 10 days :( HELP!

Howdy all!

I recently picked up a 6.0 F350 SWR. Got a CCSB, Lariat 4x4... really nice, not a scratch on it. I live in Maryland and it's hard to get a good truck up here that hasn't been beat too hard. So I ended up finding this one in Florida's gulf coast. A snowbird owned it, used it to take a boat to the marina once, then took it home for the summer. Racked up 90k easy miles, never saw an unpaved road. No accidents, single owner, low miles, well maintained, great condition, and a good price. I was pretty pumped!

Well, that's the good part. After the 1000 mile drive back home, I promptly had to fly back down south for work for a week, so it sat in my driveway. I came home the next weekend, used the truck to take the family to church on Sunday, and when I got up to go to work on Monday, it was gone.... i couldn't freaking believe it!

I live in a pretty nice neighborhood, but afterwords I found out another house on the block had their 6.0 stolen a few weeks prior. After talking to the other guy, I got a good lead on a suspect. He found his truck abandoned in a bad part of town. They stole it to strip the plow and salt spreader. Otherwise they didn't take anything. Without getting into details, it's pretty obvious who took - some rotten kids (as in late 20's/early 30's who still live with their parents) of a family on our block. It's not enough to charge them, but it's pretty obvious and not the first time these kids have done stuff like this. Either way, its a suspect that the police already have shots and prints of.

Insurance would have paid me out after 14 days. 12 days later, the police found it after it was in a hit and run and ditched... in the same bad part of town as my neighbor's truck. Same M.O. for the theft - screw driver to pry the driver door and bust the ignition. They coasted down the street before starting it.

Besides the hit and run, which messed up the front and passenger side, they seemed to pull off quite the crime spree in my truck. For starters, the bed was loaded with landscaping blocks. Very distinctive looking ones that were featured in a photo article in the Washington Post, underneath dozens of cars in the area that had wheels taken off them. They didn't gently load the blocks in the bed... no, they threw them in a hurry and hit the truck with quite a few in the process. Likely stolen from a job site. The interior of the truck is trashed since they put the filthy tires inside on the leather, and not in the back. They wiped their hands off on everything in the cab... not shy about leaving any prints.

There were also credit cards and IDs from a bunch of women in a purse that was left in the back seat. I did some digging and found that a few were victims of armed robbery in the area recently. And a gas mask for some reason. Lots of cigarette burns in the leather, too. I figure seeing if any of the cards were used could easily get a surveillance video from stores.

As far as the accident goes, the trans cooler was busted so they couldn't have gone far after the accident. There was red paint all over the impact areas. Shouldn't be hard to figure out who they hit, where, when, etc. I was also taken off road and jumped by the looks of things...

All this, you'd think finding these jokers and tying up 30 or more crimes ranging from petty theft to grand theft auto to armed robbery would be a priority for the police. That would likely be true anywhere outside Prince Georges County. But here, apparently police work is 'CSI bull****', to quote an officer. I digress...

So now I'm in insurance company purgatory. Considering what I bought and how the truck is now, I'd rather it be totaled to be honest. They sent the truck to a local Ford dealership, who is trying to say it'll only take like $8k to fix. They're only considering the collision damage wiping down the interior. In other words, they missed like 1/2 the damages.

So there's 2 ways this can play out:
They don't total it - what all should I demand be addressed mechanically? It was serviced before I got it, but I don't want to take anything for granted after some idiots trashed it.
While repairs are being made, anything I should take the opportunity to upgrade? It needs new bumpers, door locks, ignition, interior, lights, radiator and trans cooler, etc.

They do total it: life's a lot simpler then

Welp... thanks for reading and any advice is appreciated!
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What insurance company do you have? I really hope they total it for you, who knows what damage what actually done by these lowlifes. Anychance of the police pursuing these people? Sorry to hear about this and GOOD LUCK.

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Its with Liberty Mutual. They haven't been the most responsive, so at least it lets me play the 'just total it if you're not going to do anything' card. Anyone have any tips of the trade for convincing them to just total it?

The police aren't trying. They're notoriously useless around here... they threatened ME for trying to help them. Every officer in the station investigating real crimes is one less officer writing speeding tickets on the highway.
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Man that sucks. I hope they will total it for you and catch those punks.

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Yea , start *****ing to your ins. co. , tell them you want a lifetime mechanical warranty because there is no way to know what they may have done to it mechanically . Tell them you didn't drive all the way to Fla. to buy a piece of junk . Tell them there is no way they will ever make the truck meet your approval . Also tell them if forced to keep the truck you will be expecting a large check for deminished value !!!! Tell them all of this over and over . Be nice but firm . Remember squeeky wheel gets the oil .

By the way sorry for your luck . Maybe a little vigalante justice is in order ?

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Some before/after photos... the inside is much worse than that 1 photo makes it out to be...
Attached Thumbnails
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Best thing to do.. Is google Youtube videos of "rental Car/truck abuse"

Then, Show these to the insurance agents and say.. If you think people would record this, and put it on youtube.. What would thieves do to my truck..

Tell them you want the engine torn down to be assessed for internal damages.. And any wear/tear parts replaced...

Tell them you want the rear end to be completely Gone through and re-done.. Because naturally they probably where doing burnouts..

Tell them you want the transmission gone through for the same reason ^^

If you push the issue that you do not want the truck back, until it is Like brand new, not only exterior/interior wise.. But Mechanically.. They will back out, and total it out for you..

I would never want to drive something after thieves stole it.. Especially the way they treated it...

If you got a good deal on the truck, push for more money than what you paid for it.. Find similiar trucks in your area that cost more.. show them those prices..

If you got a bad deal on the truck and over paid...

tell them you wont settle for a dime less than what you paid already.. And then tell them you want another $1,000 for the hassle of having to now find a new truck.

Uhhh... Wait... What...

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Here's the deal. You don't have to use the dealership to get estimates or perform repairs. Take the truck to another reputable place for estimates. Make sure the mechanical stuff is included. I bet the truck gets totaled.

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Dang dude that sucks bad. That was a really nice truck. Sorry it happened.

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If I was in your shoes, I'd take it to a high end, reputable body shop. The reason is they're out for pure profit and will nickel and dime the truck until it's a total.

Ever since cash for clunkers, used car values have gone up a lot and vehicles that were once totalled are now being fixed. My dad ran into a high concrete slab in his 05 F150 CC Lariat 2wd. The truck already had a salvage title since it was a theft truck that was rebuilt. He bent the front portion of the frame, which rammed the rack and pinion steering assembly up into the bottom of the engine and dented the oil pan. No body damage though. The body shop had to remove the cab and drive train, splice on a new front frame half, and replace the damaged parts. Total bill was just over $8,000 to the ins. co, which they paid... on a truck with 98k miles and an existing salvage title.

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