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Ford vs. Dodge vs. Chevy/GMC diesels

Id like to hear from you (just wondering) what made you decide & get a PowerStroke instead of a Cummins or a Duramax? Pros & cons of all the three.

If you wanna bash on em ……That’s fine……as long as is NOT a PowerStroke. lol.

No……. I mean it. If you had only one Truck that happened to be a PowerStroke with problem/s ………I don’t wanna HEAR IT. I wil take it that you are the type ‘o person who dosnt give a second chance to ANYTHING.

The best candidate IMO to have some input on this, would be a person who owned all three of them (or at least two). But if you have driven another brand for a while ( say uh… truck or ….?)

Id really like to hear some honest opinions & true facts, based on your experiences… if you d like to hear mine…… here it is
I own two work trucks (contractor bodies) that I ve driven here & there. I would say they ve been driven by a bunch of guys…….maybe a dozen. Both are year 2000 & both dually 1 ton . One is Ford & one Dodge. Nothing major went wrong so far with either ………except for Tstat, sensors, ball joints, caliper & a lift pump. The interiors are torn pretty bad on both.

Personal trucks?? I ve owned diesel trucks since 1990. Never owned a new one though. My first was a ‘84 GMC 3500 SC SRW (not even a dmax, just a gasser converted to diesel 6.2 L)……got stolen in 2001.

After I looked & checked out all the Three I got an ’01 F350 CC DRW.

Why?..... I loved the look of it, the best. I liked the interior a lot & the price was right. The eng. & tranny, I knew nothing about (I thought diesels are all the same). I put 153XXX mls on top of 30 some thousand mls it had , when I bought it. Trouble free miles. Plenty of torque…..and a little sluggish (witch I expected).Towed & hauled like a champ. When it got 165K mls It leaked oil (a qt every 2 weeks) . Sold it 6 mos later. That was…. in 2005.

Time for another one. Well……. everybody, but the Pope was telling me “stay away from 6L” , “what a POS” and this and that. Im like…..WTF. OK ….going with a Dodge this time (dmaxes were a lot more $$....fuk dat, they can keep em). So I got an ’03 Ram 3500 EC DRW 6 speed man. with 23K mls and some change. I put 130XXX mls on that one. Beautiful motor. Simple looking. The torque……unreal, it felt like the truck was pulling the power out of the pavement when you threw it in gear…..I just loved the grant of it. Very sluggish ….. but hey….not only a diesel, but also manual .I mean the engine ran so strong, it made the rest of the truck fall apart. I went thru 3 clutches, but I got a lead foot too. The tranny had a loud bearing noise in neutral & you had to force it, throwing it on 6th. The exterior looked….….well, my excuse was “I only notice it when I get in or out the truck”. The interior…….oh sh!t, I don’t wanna talk about it. Sold it in 2008.

Time for another. Im looking, testdriving. Hmmm Ford…Chevy…Dodge. Eeny Meeny Miny Moe…….6L. Everyone kept telling me again “oh nooo, don’t tell me you want a 6L.” Im the kinda guy, if someone says “Don’t touch” then I ll touch it, even if it is out of reach.

I got an ’06 F350 CC DRW with almost 40K mls in it. Bone stock. Couple of months later, I put a Banks Big Hoss package in it. That b!tch used to haul azz. Maaan, the more I abused it….I mean drove it……. the more I loved it. I was doing 80 on freeways…….and Im frigging towing. So many times I remember down the 10 thru Arizona, New Mexico, Texas she used to scream the road’s name. I mean Im in Texas & she’s screaming Louisiana’s name…….Im in Louisiana & she’s like “where’s Mississippi”……Oh yeah, by the time you said Missis……too late, you re in Alabama. I remember going up the 40 thru Oklahoma on KirkPatrick TurnPike doing 95 for over a half hour to the point where my CEL would come on. My friend would give me a crazy look & say :“please man, gonna get us stranded in the middle of nowhere” . For some reason NEVER got me stranded. Im in Indiana or Ohio somewhere……come out the hotel…..snow in the ground & she started right up (never plugged her in). Every 15K-20K mls stop at Jiffy-Lube & let her have a qiucky……………. Whassup with that ??!! 236,000 mls in it & not a SINGLE THING broke……..yup: two hundred thirty six thousand miles… read it right. I got pics of her.

I just wanted to prove that, not so many people can be wrong………..oh fuk me…….. I just did.

As we all know, things get old & outdated & everything comes to an end. So I had to let her go. The funny part is that the guy who bought, lives in same town. I texted him the other day asking how she’s doing. I get a text back “ Good, no problems so far”.

Looking again…………...Ouuu look at this: 2011 GMC 3500 CC DRW Denali. Smooth suspension, all the bells & whistles, black on black (just how I like it)……………………..So how much??

Im not gonna say man. You might be offended. The funny part is, they would not budge on $$.

GTFO o’here. I just wanted to try something different. How can you justify thousands & thousands of extra dollars . For some wood grain. Im gonna let go of this truck in 4-5 yrs….. As a matter of fact, I would not drive one, even if you gave it to me now, cause when you see me in it you re gonna say “there goes another sucker”.

How ‘bout this: 2011 Dodge CC DRW Laramie. Same tune over & over: Cum Cum Cum Cummins. Runs forever. I know, but all I want out of it is 5 yrs max. The stance of it & the interior for some reason is not up to par yet. Fast but not fast enough. The $$ less then GMC, but more than Ford.

So I decided Ford again. 6.4L . I got a 2010 with 23K on it. Towing capacity…….. a bit more than I need. The look in & out to me is the best. Performance wise…….well Im only lightly moded & all I see in my mirrors (and they are not extended) is a little smoke and 4 head lights. 2 of Dmax & 2 of Cummins.

Title on hand like always

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I originally bought my '05 because of the body style. I was told not to buy a 6.0 but I decided to do it anyway. I loved that truck more than anything, it was always broken but it never broke down lol. With the knowledge I have now I wish I had bullet proofed it but I had already dumped way too much money into it at that point.

After selling it I got into my 6.7 without test driving any other than a mason dump at work. I new I wanted a truck under warranty so the newer the used truck with the lowest miles and best price was the one I got. I love this truck so much. I don't think I'd buy a used truck with more than 30,000 miles ever again unless I new the previous owner and how it was driven. My 6.0 had 170,000 when I bought it and was such a good deal I couldn't have said no. But I had no idea the abuse that it had taken and replaced the oil cooler within 2 months.

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I actually bought my truck from my dad 2 years ago when he was having alot of problems with it. He drives from Pensacola to North Carolina twice a week and was tired of having problems with it and taking it to the stealership. He bought a new gmc with a duramax and has been really happy every since so that helped my case alot. He took the ford to the mountains and it sat there for about a year before i finally convinced him to sell it to me. I had never owned a ford before or even a diesel for that matter so i was excited to get my paws on it. The truck is a 2006 F250 Harley Davidson 6.0 and i bought it from him for 10,000 dollars with right at 60,000 miles, yea he hooked me up. Im not going to lie i have had to put a bunch of money into it to get it right but its been worth every penny and now that its bullet proofed hopefully i can keep it running good. I love this truck more than any other vehicle i have owned. Im sorry for all the babbling on but i just wanted to share my story of how and why i bought a ford truck..
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You ask for a comparison of the big three diesels and then proceed to go on like a five year old with his fingers plugging his ears screaming "if its bad about ford I don't wanna hear it"...

So what I'm going to say probably won't please you. Ford hasn't had the number 1 diesel since the 7.3L years. In 2006 I would rank the 5.9L cummins first, 6.6 duramax second, and 6.0L powerstroke 3rd. HOWEVER, most people don't buy a vehicle based solely on its engine. The transmission in the Ford is tough, the body is solid, and the interior is top. The rest of the truck appealled to me, so this is why I own a Ford. Because of the 6.0Ls terrible reputation, most of these trucks can be purchased cheap enough that you can take your savings and bullet-proof the motor all for the same price as the competition.

You are extremely lucky if you had 236K miles on a bone stock 6.0L pulling trailers with a crap tuner changing your oil every 15-20K miles!?!?-all without any problems. This is so impessive, a part of me wants to call "shenanigans".

Moral of the story... if you want to rate trucks I say Ford/Dodge/Chevy. If you want to rate "diesels" Dodge/Chevy/Ford. This is why the cummins and the duramax motors have such a hot aftermarket and why you see them crowding the truck pulls and drag strips.... and why you see Ford trucks working farms and businesses.

'06 F250 FX4 6.0L typical bolt on
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6.4 hands down.

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Reason I bought my 7.3 was price. I got a deal that I couldn't pass up. I also liked the look of the ford over the others. Reason I wouldn't buy a dodge is because 75% of dodge owners are little guys that are lacking and they never use their truck for anything more than just driving around. And no chevy, never did like them.
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i choose the powerstroke because of the solid front axle, bad *** transmission, affordability, and the power you can make with a 6.0L if you add a few bullet proofing things..

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I've owned a few Dodge's prior to my 02 Powerstroke and personally I liked my Dodges. I had a few 2nd gen's and 2 3rd gens. I liked both the interior's & exteriors, they didn't rust or fall apart while driving down the road, I've never lost a tranny or engine, etc. I chose Ford because I wanted more space inside the truck due to my family size and wanting to camp more. Fitting everyone in a single vehicle was a big deciding factor as was price.

My truck plows in the winter and tows the camper in the summer, otherwise it sits 80% of the time so I didn't want a payment either. My budget wasn't very much, and needing a crew cab narrowed it down to Ford/Chevy. For the money, I couldn't find a duramax with less than 250k miles and I don't trust Chevy's with that kind of mileage as they really do fall apart/rust faster than the others IMO.

So I started looking for 7.3's and found mine for a really good deal. I've been very impressed with the truck so far and am very happy with it. I'd prefer my buddies 08 Lariat Innovative Tuned/Deleted/Leveled on 35's that he just sold, but as mentioned I didn't want payments.

2006 F250 CC/SB 6.0 Diesel
SCT 3015, Straight Piped

2002 F350 CC/SB 7.3 Diesel- SOLD
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-Plans: JW Valve Body & 6.0 Torque Converter/Cooler
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I spent my summer's growing up in North Dakota, farming on my grand parents or uncles farm. It's Dodge country there, that's for sure.

I originally wanted a Cummins when I got my truck new in 03. Great motor, reliable, been around for a long time. Drove plenty of them growing up.

But when it came down to buying one, 2 reasons I didn't. Transmission are weak, and there wasn't the leg room in the back seat of the crew cab I was looking for.

Honestly, if I had the money, I "might" do a Cummins swap. But it is still cheaper to bullet proof, than to swap.

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My family has only driven Fords and they've been in my family forever so it was an easy choice for me. I love the body and interior, best by far in my opinion. I used to drive an 06 duramax for a construction I worked for an loved it. I knew all about the problems the 6.0 had but still chose to get it. Ford has been good to my family, its all about tradition w me. I dont regret it... yet.

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