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How i got my Powerstroke!

I couldn't find a forum about this (hopefully not stepping on anyone's toes) so i decided to start one. I was on my home from work one day when i decided to take the long way. I never go the long way but for some reason i did. When i rounded a long bend in the road there she was a 2002 black and tan 4dr Long bed. So i called the guy to meet up with it and give me a key so i could start, drive it, etc. Started it, ran perfect, drove it, shifted perfect. Interior was fairly clean and outside all she needed was a rear bumper. So! Here's the kicker. I turned on the radio/cd player and Johnny Cash Folsom Prison CD was "S T U C K" in the CD Player! It would not eject it would try but it wouldn't. That's when i said "I'LL TAKE IT".

I hope everyone will share there funny/interesting story on how they got their truck.

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I got my 08 after lunch on a sat. The wife and I pulled into a ford dealer to look at a Kia for her. When she was looking at a car I walk around to look at the trucks and there it was. I got about 10 feet from it and a sales guy jumped me and not looking to talk I just told him I was looking and walk away.

On the way home all I could do was think about the truck. We pulled in the driveway and I kick the wife out and back to the dealer. After 5 1/2 hours of B.S. I got the truck for what I wanted and call the wife to come and see it.

But I did give up a good truck for it.

2008 F250 Lariat 4 Door Crew Cab, H&S Minn Maxx S&B intake, sinister coolent filter
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So the quick story goes i bought my 2002 F350 CCLB DRW the first week of December out of Wisconsin, it was originally a Texas truck so naturally it is truly clean, The gentlemen i bought it off of in WI stored the truck in his huge pull barn and only drove it in the summer time as a pleasure truck.... So when he had posted it for sale on a Monday i was on the phone with him telling him not to sell it i would be out there by the weekend to pick it up....

So i drove out to WI from michigan in my wife's car on a Friday night around 9pm arrived in WI Saturday morning around 10am... Looked over the truck and made the deal. Rented a tow dolly to pull my wife's car back home and was back on the road by 1pm and back in Michigan by 9pm for a total of just under 500 miles each way.... Got talking on the phone with the guy from WI and was telling him about my 97 F350 CCLB DRW 7.3L and he told me he was interested in it and wanted to buy it, So i unloaded my wifes car, parked the new truck, hooked up my 97' with the tow dolly and was back on the road by 12am. Headed back to WI and arrived early morning around 10am, Sold the WI guy my 97' truck, dropped the tow dolly back off and headed back home to MI to arrive home by 9pm sunday night. So I ended up making 2 trips to WI in 2 days driving 2000 miles to finalize the deal on my new Truck.
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I got my 05 f250 Harley Davidson trying to help a friend get a new car. I was giving him a ride to look for a new car. We went to the local ford dealer and he found a 06 F250 but couldn't afford it. So we left to try somewhere else and passed a nice F250 Harley Edition and i wanted it so i pulled in to the Acura dealership and test drove it. So i had to have it. I traded my 03 f150 and drove it home after. He was jealous.
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Yall have some good stories. My CCLB F350 was a straight trade for my f150 and my RCLB F350 I found on Craigslist because I was looking for a manual trans for my other truck but ended up liking this one more so I kept it.

1996 F350 4x4 CCLB-- I'll miss her

1996 F350 4X4 RCLB zf5 213K
OBA w/horn
DE 5"
PHP tunes
Mud Country 315/75/16

2008 Wr250X

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Originally Posted by belz View Post
There u go Tom. John may not be sexy, but he can tutor you, lol.
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I had been lookin for awhile and had a friend that owns a dealership lookin for me. No luck finding anything decent I was heading out of town in a couple days and he called me sayin he found the truck I wanted but it was in vegas. He said he was gonna try and get it to salt lake before I left so I could take the truck on a week long camping trip as the test drive. After I got back to town I couldnt help myself and bought the truck. I was in love with the power.

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F-250 FX4.
Sct X2 with tunes from Gearhead
Zoodad mod
High idle mod
Straight pipe exhaust
BDS leveling kit
Stage 1 intake
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Well my most recent truck came into my possession after a failed transaction with a crappy seller in California back in March 2012.

I found myself a 2009 CCLB silver, black leather, 10" lift, 38's etc etc. Only had 39K on the clock. Made him an offer and finally coming to a price we both agreed on ($32,000) I proceeded to get the cashiers check/cash. Rented a one way $188 rental car (to drive from Las Vegas to California and leave the car and drive the truck back) Started on the road for my 5 hour trip to pick up my new to me diesel. Well I got 1/2 of the way there and he texts me telling me there was a guy there looking at it and he thinks it was sold.

So on my furious 2 hour drive back home I found myself a nice one owner white 2002 CCLB 7.3 6' lift, moto metal wheels, 35's, amp steps, etc etc for well under half the price(stole it for $14,000) and best part is, it only had 99K on the clock. Went and looked at it the next day and purchased the following Monday. That is now my current truck and i'm glad it all happened this way.

2000 Regular Cab SHORTY truck.

-7.3/ZF6 combo.
-TS tuned
-5" exhaust to 7" single mitre.
-DJM 3/5 drop
-22" wheels wrapped in 305 nitto 420's

-Midwest shifter
-DP tuner

-2008 F350 CCLB ZF6 truck. Leveled, 22's w/37s, deleted, H&Stuned etc -SOLD
-2005 F350 CCLB 6" 37's, studded, tuned etc-SOLD
-2002 F350 CCLB 6"lift, 20's w/35's, DP tuner etc -SOLD
-2005 F250 CCLB 8", 20's w/37's bunch of mods -SOLD
-2002 F250 CCSB 4" lift,18's w/35's DP tunes etc -SOLD
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I was looking at trucks for about 6 months strait before i bought one, i drove my wife crazy with all the time i spent online researching/shopping. anyway i really wanted a manual and was having a hard time finding one without 250,000+ miles on it. i even started looking at dodges, but i couldnt get past the dumb quad cab. so finally partly out of frustration and partly boredom i placed a wanted add on Craigslist for a crew cab diesel manual for the price i was looking for. I had 1 reply from a guy who was thinking about selling his truck but never listed it, he wanted it to go to a good home not to some kid just to be beat. I went and looked at it on a wednesday and liked it i went back on saturday with the check and bought it. I guess showing up with a wife and kids was enough to convince him i wasnt just a dumb kid and it has turned out to be a great truck all in all. and i am glad i ended up in a Ford

Originally Posted by madpowerstroke View Post
Try spinning a turbo with compressed air and hit it with diesel clean as you inhale at the turbo outlet, I call it a turbo bong.........that's some good stuff, makes you come up with all kinds of crazy ideas.

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2010 F450 Super Duty Lariat Ultimate, 140,xxx Miles. 5" DP Back. Black Maxx. AFE Pro 5R Stage 2. ARP studs new heads and gaskets.
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I sold my 02 in 05 to my boss when my wife resigned her job and sold her partnership in the company she helped build and she was 4months pregnant. So I just drove my company truck everywhere until on the way home on Jan 8th, 2010 I passed a nice looking King Ranch for sale in a store p-lot. I stopped and checked it out, drove it and went to Grandma's house to pick up my son. Grandma asked why I was so late and I told her about the truck but that I didnt need another truck nor a payment. (Everyone needs a mother-in-law like mine) She, knowing how much I missed and loved my 02, said, and I quote,"You need to just go get it, you probably wont find another nice one with low mileage again." So she kept my son while I went back and bought the truck! I aint no DUMMY!!!!!

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06 KR 250
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I had been looking for two years for a clean extended cab 7.3 with decent miles. All I ever found were trucks that were beat to <___> high miles and yep ... still running strong. I could not bring myself to spend $7,000 on a 250K mi truck so I didn't. Just last month, I spied on on EBay that looked really good and did not meet the reserve. I called the guy last week, made the trip down and we made a deal. Everything came together well and it was an easy deal.

WOW ... I love this truck. 2000 XLT 7.3 auto, extended cab, short bed and only 110,000 one owner miles. Got that baby for $9500 and could not be happier.
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