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Fuel use and impression of 2011 F250

OK, I got the first tank of diesel burned and have the onboard computer vs. manual results.

My truck is a 2011 F250 Lariat 4X4 Crew Cab 6.7/torqshift 6 speed with 3.55 gears on the 20 inch wheel option.

The onboard computer said I had averaged 17.9 mpg. It said I traveled 366.4 miles and used 20.4 gallons. The actual numbers are 21.803 gallons which calculates to 16.805 mpg. The hour meter says the engine ran 9hrs and 44 minutes to use this fuel so as you can tell, I did idle a lot showing the truck to friends and neighbors, plus the traffic.

I did this test like this . . . . . .
The dealer filled the tank before delivering the truck to me. I drove the truck directly to the fuel station on my way home where I zeroed the gauges on the computer and topped the tank off with another 1.2 gallon. I was sure the dealer did not “stuff” it full plus we played with it running quit a bit during the delivery. Now I have the computer reset and the tank full for sure.

My wife and I ran several errands and took a short trip of 65 miles, one way, to supper on Saturday night. We used the new truck for everything all weekend. Most of the miles, except for the supper run, were made inside the Las Vegas valley. It would be a split between city freeway driving and pure city street driving. Lots of stop and go traffic.

So, as you can see, the 16.8 is pretty good for the way the truck was used and, it was the very first tank on a brand new rig. While driving on the interstate to supper Saturday, I played with speed a little and it was very easy to tell that speed has a big impact on mileage. In fact, somewhere between 65 and 70 mph, the fuel mileage makes a large change of about 1 mpg. I am pretty sure if you drove one of these trucks on cruise control around 55 mph the truck could hit 20 mpg or better!! Running 75 mph gets the numbers I quoted above of 16 – 17 mpg. I bet the mileage improves even more once the truck gets 20 – 30k miles on it and things “loosen” up a little. Most of the vehicles I have owned have done this.

For this first tank test the truck was operated in ambient temps of between 60 and 80 degrees. It was operated at elevations ranging between 1800 and 3500 feet. You boys down by the coasts will do even better because your air will be “heavier” and diesels like air. You mountain boys can just read this and wish.

My impressions of the truck . . . . . .
Power – WOW!! Me likey!!
Transmission – good firm shifts, responds to direction change (Forw to Rev) quickly and downshifts on demand very nicely.
Steering – seems to take a little more movement of the wheel than my other vehicles do. For instance, turning a 90 degree corner to the right takes 2/3 to revolutions of the wheel in my other equipment and this new F250 requires a full turn of the steering wheel to make the same corner. This extra movement was the first thing I noticed when I test drove the truck. It took me a little time to get used to the extra motion and my wife said the same thing when she drove it. The steering is good and very easy and the truck drives like a dream but if you are coming from a GM vehicle like we did be ready to turn the wheel a little more than before. I would not say this is a negative point for the truck – it is just different.
Brakes – Very temperature sensitive. If warm they are nice but when cold require a lot of pedal pressure. The first 200 miles changed the braking effort a lot as the pads seated to the rotors. The next 200 miles saw even more improvement until they seemed to be “set”. But I still say, when you make the first stop on cold brakes they take some effort. This may pass as miles accumulate. I’m not sure of the compound in the pads but they act a lot like ceramic. I have not noticed a lot of brake dust on the wheels either, another characteristic of ceramic.
Turbo charger – silent with minor lag time to spool. I notice the lag more when moving at slow speed in traffic. If I am rolling and the traffic speeds up the truck will begin to pull then take a sudden lunge like it downshifted. It can throw things off the dash. On the road the blower works very quickly and very smoothly.
Audio system – Damn!! This thing is a rolling Disco!! The sync feature is great and works as advertised.
Ride – Dead silent and not bad at all for a truck this heavy duty. The rear axle will “jiggle” on newer concrete interstate pavement. The front axle stays smooth and front end bounce is controlled very well. I do see some upgrade shocks in the near future for my truck. I have only used my truck empty so I can’t comment on loaded conditions yet. Wind noise and engine noise is just not there. This truck is as quiet as most cars are. You will not believe it is diesel powered.
Gauges – The fuel gauge seemed to agree with actual gallons put into the tank. It read 1/8 full before 21.8 gal was added to a 26 gal tank. That would leave around 2 gal reserve when the gauge says empty. Speedo is off just a hair. I used a GPS to verify the speedo and found the truck is actually traveling 1 mph slower than indicated on the speedometer. There is also a parallax error when looking at the speedo at certain speeds because of the angle it is mounted in the dash. All this is no biggy but worth noting. To put it simply, if you are seeing 67 mph on the speedo you are really going 65. The rest of the gauges have not been checked for accuracy but I will say the diesel warms up to running temp quicker than my other diesel did and stays right there. The engine does not cool or heat above or below normal while driving.

My overall impression of this truck – awesome!! Each time I drive it I learn more and fall deeper in love with it. The truck has a ton of bells and whistles and I am still figuring these out – but I like em!! The jealousy factor of friends and neighbors is off the charts!! One of my neighbor buddies knocked on my door Sunday morning and wanted the key so he could get in!! My list of positive features goes on and on while I only have two minor negatives about the truck, the cold natured brakes and the extra turns of the steering wheel. I’ll live with them though and get used to them. I love this truck and I can’t wait to hitch my new toy hauler up this Friday for a loaded test!!

My wife and I have purchased 13 brand new vehicles over the past 35 years. 8 GM products, 4 Mopar products and one Ford – this truck. As you can see, I am not what you would call “a Ford Man” but I am very impressed with this new F250. My wife and I asked each other Saturday night on the way to supper “wonder what we have been missing all these years”?? You are prolly reading the words of a new Ford fan right now!!


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7.4 mpg as shown @ 70mph and 25740 lbs gross!!

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Great write up thanks!
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Excellent write up bud! Welcome to the ford side of life, glad you love the truck. I'm jealous!

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great write up bud.... man if they made this in an excursion i would really consider getting one
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Wow, great write up

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Originally Posted by Raul@Stealth Automotive View Post
great write up bud.... man if they made this in an excursion i would really consider getting one
check out Custom Autos by Tim ...The Stretch Truck Company!
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Wow, thanks for the feedback!

I will likely take my 06 Harley to the dealership, just to see what they'd give me on an 11 KR.

Might just have to trade the wife's car in on one, maybe her too! Then I could have 2 sweet trucks all to myself!
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Question Sudden drop in miles per gallon in my F-250 6.7 diesel

I pulled a 4500 lb. travel trailer from Missouri to New Mexico and Colorado and back the past 2 weeks. Had a sudden drop in mpg from the Great Sand Dunes (8200ft elev.) back to Springfield (1300 ft elev) across the straight flat roads of Kansas.

During the 1st 500 miles of break in with no load or hauling I got 20.5 mpg and was very impressed with my new purchase especially considering 90% of the miles were in the curves and hills of northern Arkansas.

With 503 miles on the truck I began the trip. I had a head wind across Oklahoma and Texas and used air conditioning most of the way. By the 3rd day after traveling through some mountains in New Mexico my average for the trip was the 12.5 to 13 mpg. All little more more of a drop for hauling with a diesel than I thought but still acceptable.

After driving from the Sand Dunes to western Kansas my mpg dropped to 9.6. I had a head wind again but no worse than across Oklahoma. When I noticed this I made sure to keep my speed around 65 but that didn't help. I took the mud flap off the back of the truck in case it was causing some wind resistance but it was on up until that time of the trip from Springfield. It helped about 0.3 mpg over the next several hundred miles but there was no improvement after the head wind stopped. I was watching the bar graph on the speedometer computer to make sure I was accelerating slowly enough that I did not exceed the 30 min average. That didn't help. The final average was about 9.9 mpg over the 753 mile trip back from the Sand Dunes.

I hadn't added any cargo to the travel trailer on the trip. The exhaust cleaner fluid did not run out. The tire inflation had dropped from 65 to 60 but I would not think that would make much difference.

I was told mileage would improve after it was used awhile so I was dissappointed when it got worse. I did not think that pulling a 4500 lb trailer with a diesel truck that is rated to pull 16000 lbs would reduce the mileage by 52%. I was expecting no more that a 25 to 30 % decrease.

I took it to the dealer to have it checked when I got it back and was told that diesels do things like that sometimes. That doesn't sound like a very good explanation to me.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why there would be this much of a sudden drop? What kind of diagnostics should I request? I had to use a lot of different brands of diesel because of availability especially across southern Kansas but thay were all the usual low sulfer type. Do some brands get worse mileage than others? If so would it really make this much difference?

I need some answers that will help me make sense of all of this.
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Just wondering if when you checked it first you might have went in regen, and the when your mileage droped was during regen. I can tell you that my truck loses 7 mpg during regen just during regen not overall. Also head winds kills mileage on these trucks.

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Mowdoc, your going to like the way it shifts even more when you get that trailer hooked up.
On my first tow,the comp said 14.3 I said ell yeah(truck and trailer 17,000)
next tow(same wieght)13.3
Third tow(same wieght)12.1
fourth tow(same wieght 11.0
THese trips were on mostly level straight highwaysBTW 7000 miles

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Onboard air Train horns
Billet grille LED bed lights
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