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U-Haul Idiots

A few weeks ago I rented an auto transport trailer from a local UHaul dealer to pick up a newly acquired free 94 Grand Cherokee 5.2 Limited from a coworker. When I picked up the trailer, the UHaul employee had me back my F-250 up to the trailer so he could hook it up.

I'm assuming this is a liability issue; not letting me hook the trailer up myself.

Anyway, I left the store and drove about 12 miles to base where the rig was parked. I lined the trailer up with the Jeep so a few friends could help me push it up since the Jeep wasn't running. I was behind the wheel navigating the powerless ZJ and as soon as the front tires hit the rams on the trailer, like a damn roller coaster, the tongue of the trailer shot up into the air and directly into my tailgate.

After those few seconds of carnage, I took a minute to gather myself before I lost my mind and went to town on the UHaul store. I walked up to the back of my truck to check out the damage and sure enough; a big *** dent and a vertical gash about 8 inches long dead center on my tailgate.

My truck now has a skid mark.

After I took a few pictures of the damages, we hooked the trailer back up to the truck. When I was tightening the nut on the top of the tongue down, I noticed it was completely open. These nuts have a lock which keeps them from backing out while driving so I know that wasn't the case.

A few minutes later, we had the Jeep on the trailer and I was on my merry way home. I got the ZJ off the trailer and into my driveway and I was back on my way to UHaul to have a chat. I arrived and very politely I asked to speak with a manager. I brought him outside and showed him the damage and explained what happened. He immediately started apologizing to me and gave me the number to their insurance company, RepWest.

I called and filed a claim as soon as I got home and they explained they need copies of 2 estimates, my registration, the UHaul rental agreement and pictures of the damage. I sent them everything they requested and started playing the waiting game.

Well, today I get a letter in the mail stating they aren't going to pay for the damages because they can't prove negligence on UHaul's end and the insurance I paid for only covers the vehicle being towed, not the towing vehicle.

Before I left the UHaul store, the employee who hooked the trailer up gave me his name and told me to call him if there were any problems. He also told me he just came off 4 days of vacation and it was early in the morning when he hooked the trailer up, and that he was really sorry. He used the phrase "my fault" several times when apologizing. Now if that doesn't prove negligence I don't know what does.

I'm waiting to hear back from my insurance company to see if they are going to go after UHaul. From my end, I don't care if the extra insurance I purchased doesn't cover the towing vehicle, negligence by the employee caused the damage to my truck and I don't care where the money comes from, just as long as they fix it. I would really like to settle this without going to small claims court. I'm almost positive I would win, I just don't want to have to take 2 days off work to do it.

The estimates I got were between $1100-1300 to replace the tailgate. It still works fine so It's not the end of the world, it just pisses me off that they're trying to screw me.

Sorry for the crazy long off topic thread. I just really needed to vent and get your opinions. What would you guys do?
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Just a thought, if that trailer came off while going down the road DOT would of had a field day with that story, ALLWAYS check your connections EVERY time you get back to an unattended truck, (yes I have had ******** pull pins on trailers before)

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Hopefully your insurance steps up for you, but don't hold your breath. Definitely consider it a lesson learned.

Nobody hooks up to my truck but me. And if in this case they are legally obligated to, you can bet I'm watching like a hawk. Besides the obvious damage potential to my belongings, I don't ever want to be responsible for someone else on the road getting hurt or worse because I let someone else hook up a trailer without me checking.

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I think you are doing what you can to get your gate fixed, good luck and I hope the employee stays honest.
The following is not a rant, it is just what I do and why.
I personally check others work on anything I am towing, my truck, my record, the cops are not going to care who hitched it up if it comes off, they go after the driver to ticket. And if it comes off and kills someone.... well it will be all me no matter who hooked it up, I don't want that burden to carry around.
As they said on the x-files "Trust no one"
Best of luck.

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Others, of course
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Originally Posted by mustangman02232 View Post
Just a thought, if that trailer came off while going down the road DOT would of had a field day with that story, ALLWAYS check your connections EVERY time you get back to an unattended truck, (yes I have had ******** pull pins on trailers before)
Totally agree with this statement. U haul hooked me (2" ball) up to their 2 5/16" trailer,you bet i check everytime and when they are there!!

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$1100-$1300 for a tailgate on a Super Duty? Do you have a gold plated tailgate?

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Remember, there is a difference in negligent and stupid. Not being mean, but maybe he wasn't negligent. He may not know how to connect properly.

I have watched several individuals connect up to my truck "wrong". Not from lack of trying, effort or negligence but from excess stupid. I usually wait 'till they leave or turn around to correct it, but sometimes I just talk to them to draw their attention away from what I'm doing, and try to ignore what I'm doing as I correct the problem. I consider it my responsibility, legal or other, to assure it's correct/safe.

If he wasn't negligent, but was stupid, then the company was negligent by having him perform the work. It's the company/store's responsibility to make sure he/she is trained/competent. But proving that will be an undertaking.

What year tailgate do you need, and where are you. I have a couple of "unused" 06 oxford white gates I'll separate with for far less than $1100.00

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I had the exact same thing happen about 6 years ago! They hooked up the car trailer to my Tahoe whenever I went to pull the car on the trailer it popped off the ball and smacked into the back door off the tahoe... Furious I went back down to the uhaul place where they proceeded to tell me that by leaving signing the papers and leaving with the trailer attached I was fully responsible for anything that happened afterwards. I had a kid on the way and no extra money to get a lawyer or anything like that so I was pretty much SOL. It is really ****ty that they make their employees hook the trailer up but won't accept any responsibility for any damages

Jason, But you can call me Sir!!!

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I agree with everyone that double checking is always a great idea, BUT, I also agree that if a company requires their own employees to install something... "FOR LIABILITY ISSUES" then they should take care of their mistakes and make it right...

If their gonna do it, they better KNOW what the hell their doing!!!

I say go after them

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the easy solution is what i use... and it pisses off the u-hual tards

i let them do their thing, and when they say "you are good to go" i undo everything and disconnect. then do it all over again myself. when they ask "wtf?" i tell them i drive for a living, and i don't let anyone hook my rig for me, since it's my license and job on the line, and with a u-haul it's my license and life on the line.

as to fubaring a hook, i had the wife help me move a fridge with a utlilty trailer. hooked the trailer, rolled the fridge up, and there it goes....smacked the tailgate on the sport trac, denting a 5yr old truck that didn't have a scratch on it

blamed it on the wife for distracting me while i hooked
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