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New 6.0L Owner with some Q's

Greetings all!

After having driven a 96 GMC 1500 for many many years I decided it was time for a new vehicle. I loved my GMC, but wanted something newer, and had no desire to own a recent year "Government Motors" vehicle and I think Dodges are a bit clunky so that left me with Ford.

I bought a 2005 F-250 King Ranch F4X with 89k on it. It's an amazing truck! I did unfortunately buy the vehicle 1 month before the EGR failed on me so I got stuck with that bill ($600 at the dealer... insane).

My questions stem from what the dealer's mechanic told me when I came to pick the truck up. He said to prevent EGR failures in the future I should do a few things:

1. Avoid short trips (I.E. Weekend errands, 5 minutes here, 10 minutes there etc)
2. If short trips are made, just idle the truck while I'm doing whatever I'm doing.
3. Drive it like I stole it. (His words). He claimed that by hammering on the throttle from time to time I could heat up and "burn off" the built up carbon in the EGR system.
4. Invest in a $3k extended warranty that would only end up covering an additional 2 years since she's bound to break something expensive again soon.

Based on his 4th tip I suspect he was just trying to take my money and probably doesn't know what he's talking about... but do the other tips seem realistic? It seems sketchy to me.

I can understand that maybe repetitive crank sequences can probably build up the carbon in the system, but I would think that excessive idling would also build up carbon... not to mention kill my wallet in fuel costs. I also find his "burn off the carbon" theory suspect.

Any thoughts?

I've already put 3k miles on her and other than the EGR issue, I'm loving it! I'm hoping she lasts me for many years to come.
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Driving it like you stole it every once in a while is a good idea. He was spot on there. As far as the others go, I dont know for sure. Im also in my first 6.0 and am learning about it.

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Avoid short trips I can't remember why but I was told similar advice. If I am running to say grab lunch on a Saturday and I will be going back home to eat. I will drive the truck to the store 1-2 miles idle it while I run in grab my food and drive back. If I drive say more than 10-15 miles the truck has come up to temp and I do not worry about it.

Drive it like you stole it occasionally. you will find that recommendation here it helps a lot of things along with blowing out built up carbon.

As for the warranty. I was in the same boat you are my factory 5 yr warranty expired 2 weeks after I bought the truck. To renew it was going to cost me about $3k. Rather than spending that money I took $700 and picked up an Edge CTS with EGT probe, along with a coolant filter. I took the rest of the money and dumped it into a savings account. Every paycheck I take a little extra cash and dump that into the same account. When I had enough I bought my turbo back exhaust. Upgrade your truck slowly. Unless you have a really cool dealer you could get screwed if you have made any changes to your truck. They could deny the warranty and then you are out all that money. Of course on the flip side I have read horror stories on here about guys getting nailed with $10K in repairs if they really tear **** up. So watch your gauges be careful and if you suspect a problem STOP DRIVING!


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Some call it an "Italian tune up", So, yeah, drive her!

Get gauges of your choice. Monitor ECT vs. EOT. The EGR cooler could have failed due to a plugged oil cooler. You might not be out of the woods on the EGR issue at this time.

TSB 09-24-3 came out concerning this issue.

Maintenance and correct filters are a must.

Read this:

Things to consider about owning a 6.0L

Extra warranty? If not from Ford, most will say NO! And, if it is from Ford, I've seen lower prices for the extended. ( I was told one from a dealer near Portland Oregon for under $2000)
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extended warranty isnt a bad isdea with a 6.0 they are prone to failures with the headgasket, injectors, oil cooler, egr valve etc

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2. If short trips are made, just idle the truck while I'm doing whatever I'm doing.

This is just about getting your oil and fluids up to operating temp. Its bad for any motor to just run and shut down not at operating temp. Its just that our motors have so much fluid, you really need to run 10 miles to get up to temp if starting cold. I have gauges, If i don’t reach my 190/190 (ok like 187 in the middle of winter), I don’t shut off.

So if it is summer and I go to the gym (2miles from me) park for 1.5 hours and head home, I am back up to 190/190 within those 2 miles or so. If it is early morning, I will get coffee or something else before I shut her down. Again I just make sure I am at operating temp.

I had an 89 Lincoln that I made a short 2 mile commute to work in daily. My exhaust actually rotted from the inside out within a year.

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Thanks for the great info guys!

I figured the short trips tip was probably legit, but I guess the operating temp information makes sense... The more fluid in an engine, the longer it will take to get all that fluid up to temp.

And thanks for all the great links Sean, it's a lot of food for thought. I might start saving now for some sort of gauge/monitor setup. I'm not looking to turn this truck into a monster or anything, I just want her to last.

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I bought the warranty and I'm glad I did other wise id be close to 8,000 in the hole. I've had some crazy things happen to it and I don't think I'm hard on it and have taken everyone's advice on here just bad luck I guess. So as far as the warranty goes it's worth it to me!

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Ive had my truck for almost a year. Some things ive been told by the dealer, other 6.0 owners and experience.

First keep the RPM under 2K and boost under 10 till she at least 150 degrees.
second dont let her idle for more then 10 to 15 minutes as this does built up carbon and soot.
third reason short trips are bad is due to heating the turbo up and then shutting it down again, lack of operating temps. This causes the turbo to build up condensation as well as the exhaust and this all causes rust and eventualy will seize the turbo.
See point above why you have to run her had ever couple weeks.

Best way i found is get on the high way and punch it from 30 to 75. I do this and my EGTs will hit 1400 and i know all the old stuff is blowing out then i get off her and shes at 700 again.

Second best way it pull up next to a Cummings at the stop light, tip your hat at the guy then mash it at green and watch him try to keep up.

Couple friends just miraculously had there 2 6.0s in the shop, both bought there a few months ago and both of them had bad turbos, dealer told them both you cant drive it like a gas truck. Be a man and stomp that Bish once in a while.

Watch your coolant and oil temps this tells you a lot about your engine.

I also have an extended warranty and a Upgrade friendly Dealer but not Upgrade Friendly warranty company. I have to flash the truck back to stock and remove my dash unit for service.

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